Thomas Rhett Forgot To Tell Lauren Akins He Was Releasing a New Album

by Samantha Whidden
(P. Lehman/Future Publishing via Getty Images)

Country singer and songwriter Thomas Rhett recently admitted he actually forgot to tell his wife Lauren Akins he was releasing a new album.

The Boot reports that, while chatting about his upcoming album Where We Stand, Thomas Rhett was in shock that Lauren Akin was not even aware that he was releasing an album. “I knew you had Side A and Side because that makes sense,” Akins explained. “Then you said you were coming out with this middle one It was shocking to me.”


So anyway…I have a new album coming out April 1st

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While discussing that she’s a bit busy with their four daughters, Lauren Akins declared to Thomas Rhett, “My life revolves around your children. And painting my toes for these Chacos.”

Thomas Rhett writes in the video caption, “Such a great supporter of my career,” with a laugh-crying emoji. “So anyway… I have a new album coming out April 1st.”

Thomas Rhett Opens Up About His New Album ‘Where We Started’ And Working With Katy Perry 

During a recent interview with CMT, Thomas Rhett chatted about working alongside Katy Perry on his new album, Where We Started. “Having Katy Perry featured on this was mind-blowing to me. Alison Jones at the label sent it to her. And she was immediately like, ‘Where do I put my vocals on it?’ I’m sitting there going, ‘Really?’ I’ve always been such a fan of hers.”

Thomas Rhett then gushes about having Katy Perry on the album really escaped the emotion of the track Death Row. “It’s a song I think a lot of people are going to relate to. And a lot of people are really going to enjoy.”

As he continued to talk about the album, Thomas Rhett also stated he believes it is extremely well written. He then noted that the songs were crafted from a place of severe honesty. “These are songs like I felt [were] like the songs I was writing at the beginning of my career. [They] have turned into something I feel like I can put my stamp on.”

Meanwhile, Thomas Rhett shares that as a listener, he likes to be caught off every time he hits a new track. “And that’s what this record is. It’s fun. But it’s also reflective and sad and happy. But that’s life. Every day you go through all these emotions. I feel like this record has a song for everyone.”

Thomas Rhett goes on to add that the new album has a lot of just great songs that will remind the listener of their past. But it also has a lot of that makes the listener want to part. “And those two coming back-to-back is a unique listening experience. And I don’t think you’re going to be bored. That’s always my biggest goal.”