Thomas Rhett Gives Heartfelt Update on Canceled Ohio Concert: ‘See Y’all in a Few Weeks’

by Courtney Blackann

Several Ohioans left with disappointment after Thomas Rhett had to postpone the remainder of his concert Sunday night in Cuyahoga Falls. The culprit for the early end? A string of thunderstorms moving into the area.

The show began at 7:30 p.m. Sunday and Rhett was able to perform a large portion of his set at Blossom Music Center. However, when the weather turned dangerous, officials called it. Fans were sent home early.

However, the “Get Me Some of That” singer wouldn’t leave his fans hanging out to dry. After the show’s early end, Rhett took to Instagram to post a heartfelt apology. He also let the fans know he was coming back to finish the full set in September.

“Ohio, we will be back on Sunday, September 19. I’m so sorry we couldn’t finish the set but obviously want to keep you guys safe. Thank you for being there tonight, see y’all in a few weeks,” Rhett captioned the photo.

In his video message, he also emphasized that safety comes first.

“I hate so bad that my set got cut short tonight…but obviously your safety is always the most important thing,” Rhett said in the video message.

Additionally, the singer promised that when he does come back on September 19, the crowd can expect something “really special”. He ended by reminding his fans that all their tickets will still be valid for the concert and that he loves and appreciates every one of his fans.

The singer released his latest album “Country Again: Side A” in April and has been performing in multiple cities.

Thomas Rhett’s Tribute to Dad

While the country music star is playing shows across the country, he’s also always busy writing new music. That’s in addition to being a busy father and husband. He’s able to be such a great family man because his dad and country singer Rhett Akins led the way, he said.

Earlier this summer, Rhett announced a new song, which would be a tribute to the “That Ain’t My Truck” singer just in time for Father’s Day.

“Things Dads Do” is a song about the way a dad is always looking out for his kiddos, even if it seems wrong in the moment. The star’s warm lyrics will melt any dad’s heart as it transitions from being a child and not understanding or appreciating the rules, to become enlightened by those same things when the child turns into a parent.

“He won’t let you quit your football team
Or hang with the kid who lives down the street
‘Cause he heard he smokes dope and got holes in his jeans
Lookin’ back he was right, I guess,” the lyrics say.

The sweet song is for anyone who can look back and appreciate what their parents did for them – something Rhett obviously feels as a father himself now.

The lyrics continue:

“Sit in the waitin’ room chewing Red Man
‘Till the doctor comes out and says y’all come on in
He’ll say she looks perfect then and shake your hand and say now you’ll understand
Things dads do.”