Thomas Rhett Introduces New Tequila Brand ‘Dos Primos’

by Madison Miller

Thomas Rhett will now be joining the ranks of country artists that are also founders, co-founders, or spokespeople for alcohol brands.

From whiskey to wine to vodka to tequila to beer. Now, artists prove they love what they sing so frequently about so much that they’re willing to sell it too.

Stars like Jake Owen, Willie Nelson, John Rich, Toby Keith, Kix Brooks, and Darius Rucker have all put their names behind the ever-booming alcohol business.

Thomas Rhett and Jeff Worn Tequila Brand

Now, Thomas Rhett announced that he would be releasing a new ultra-premium tequila brand called Dos Primos. He is working alongside his cousin, Jeff Worn, in making their tequila dreams a reality. The name Dos Primos translates to “two cousins.” Jeff Worn is the President and CEO of South Georgia Pecan Company.

The tequila is made from 100% blue agave that comes from Los Altos and valley areas in Jalisco, Mexico.

The flavor is described as having “earthy herbal notes on the front palate, followed by smooth floral and citrus hints.” The Dos Primos Tequila Company started in 2019. The 750 ml bottle will begin to be sold sometime this month.

At the end of the day, the decision to make good, quality tequila was just a way to spend more time with family. Thomas Rhett is an ACM Entertainer of the Year and a father of three, so his time is definitely valuable.

Rhett Shares Experience Making Tequila

“Our decision to create a new tequila brand grew out of just loving being with family. Jeff and I wanted to create a tequila that was expertly crafted and could be enjoyed year-round – regardless of the season or activity – with the people we care about most. Dos Primos is all about who we are and what’s important to us,” Rhett said.

The bottle has a wooden cork and a real black leather cord that wraps gracefully around the neck. Rhett and Worn worked with a masterful distiller Rodolfo González.

When transitioning from a difficult 2020 for nearly everyone, launching a tequila brand in the first month of 2021 may be a masterful move on its own.

“My wife and I love to enjoy tequila together, and I’m excited for people to share a bottle with friends, sip it around a bonfire or enjoy it on a fishing trip or at tailgate or concert. Dos Primos is about unwinding and enjoying the people and things that really matter in life,” Rhett said.

H/T: Cision PR Newswire