Thomas Rhett Labels Eric Church His ‘Favorite Country Artist of All Time’

by Joe Rutland

Country singer-songwriter Thomas Rhett openly says that when recording his first album, he attempted doing everything like Eric Church.

It didn’t work out but Rhett calls Church his “favorite country artist of all time.” His comments came in an interview on “The Bobby Bones Show.”

“As far as just me growing up and really falling in love with the craft of songwriting and a guy that can just perform the crap out of a show, it would be Eric, for sure,” he said.

Thomas Rhett Calls ‘These Boots’ One Of All-Time Favorites

Thomas Rhett released his first single in 2012, according to He points to a Church classic, “These Boots,” as one of his all-time favorite songs. It rates right up there with Merle Haggard’s “Misery and Gin.”

Rhett has said that he wants to be Eric Church in every area of his career.

“As a new artist, when I was just starting out, I wanted to be Eric Church,” Rhett said. “Everything about me wanted to be Eric Church.”

Rhett Realized He Needed To Be Himself, Not Someone Else

What happened? His first album gets put together by Church producer Jay Joyce. While performing those songs, Rhett realizes that he needed to be himself.

Rhett’s first album is 2013’s “It Goes Like This.” The title track, “Get Me Some of That,” and “Make Me Wanna” were No. 1 on Billboard’s charts. The album also features”Something to Do With My Hands” and “Beer With Jesus.”

“First record in, two songs that died at 15 and I said, ‘If I’m going to make a living at this, I need a hit,'” Rhett said. In addition, he said “artists get to that point where they just don’t care if it doesn’t say anything, I need something that feels great on the radio.”

Why? So people, he said, can know his name.

Rhett admits that people either would call that selling out or a cop-out.

His response?

“But you want to make a living or you don’t,” he said. “And I’m not saying if I had kept on trying to do what I was doing it might not have worked, but I needed some traction.”