Thomas Rhett Learned All He Knows About Stadium Concerts From Kenny Chesney: ‘He Took Me to School, Man’

by Jacklyn Krol
Photo by: Paras Griffin, Getty Images

Thomas Rhett is learning how to put on a stadium show from one of the greats – Kenny Chesney!

The “What’s Your Country Song?” singer spoke with Big Machine Label Group about Chesney’s lessons and impact. Rhett previously toured with him in 2018 on his “Trip Around the Sun Tour.”

In the future, Thomas Rhett hopes to headline stadium concerts. “That’s the plan. I mean, I think it would be the sickest thing in the world to be able to do those stadiums the way that Kenny does ‘em,” he admitted.

After watching him perform on the headlining slot during that tour, he’s learned a lot from him. “And I feel like I got to learn from the best gettin’ to watch Kenny. He took me to school, man, and it was a fun summer. And I feel like I learned so much about what it takes to, you know, hopefully, do that one day,” he concluded.

Thomas Rhett’s Appreciation for Kenny Chesney

Thomas Rhett has been a fan of Kenny Chesney’s music for years. He’s even watched Chesney in concert as a fan before becoming an artist.

“Opening for Kenny at a stadium I think is every artist’s bucket list because he’s made such a spectacle out of – that’s what he does,” told his record label back in 2018. “He’s a stadium act. I love Kenny Chesney but I don’t want to go see him in an arena. I want to go see him at a stadium because that’s what I grew up seeing at CMA Fest or at all these NFL stadiums across the country.”

He realized that going on tour with Chesney has been a career milestone that will live on in music history. “To get up there and open for a legend and a hero – one day when he’s not touring anymore, I can say that I got to be a direct support for Chesney on a stadium day,” he concluded.

Aside from teaching Rhett about the music industry, Chesney also taught Rhett one of his favorite rituals. Thomas Rhett now enjoys an ice bath after most of his concerts. As a tour gift, Chesney even bought Rhett his very own portable ice bath with the “Thomas Rhett” logo on it. Rhett’s team puts it in his trailer and takes it to every tour date.

“That is like the sickest tour gift I’ve ever been given,” Rhett gushed. “Kenny has one too, and on the road, I would get in it every day after I’d work out. ” He later added, “It’s really nice just to get in it cause you really do feel like super-refreshed after you get out of it. It sucks for the four minutes you’re in it, but when you get out, you feel great.”