Thomas Rhett Officially Looks Like a Mountain Man With Long Locks and a Full Beard

by Joe Rutland

Country singer-songwriter Thomas Rhett, who usually keeps his facial hair looking tight, is letting it grow out a lot more these days.

Rhett appeared in a video clip on Twitter wearing a cap while his hair couldn’t be contained by the hat. His beard is taking on a life of its own, too. In fact, Thomas Rhett is beginning to have a little of that “Mountain Man” look to him.

It’s really stunning for his fans because they know him as a good-looking dude. Rhett usually is not a person who will allow his hair and beard to approach Sasquatch territory. Obviously, some people are seeing him in a whole new light.

Give yourself a chance to take a peek at Rhett with his new growth in this tweet he sent out on Monday, April 5.

In the video, Rhett lets people know about an April 30 celebration for the release of “Country Again: Side A.” This is a double album from him. He will release the second album later in 2021.

Thomas Rhett Turned 31 With Long List Of Accomplishments

Rhett just turned 31 on March 30. But don’t let that young age belie what he’s been able to accomplish in his career.

As a songwriter, he’s written songs that were recorded by Jason Aldean, Florida Georgia Line, and Lee Brice among others.

Now as a recording artist, Rhett nabbed his own first Billboard Hot Country No. 1 song in 2013 with “It Goes Like This.” That was the title track from his debut album, too. To date, Rhett has amassed 16 No. 1’s to his credit on Billboard’s chart.

He’s won a gaggle of awards from the Country Music Association and the Academy of Country Music. In 2020, Rhett was named, along with Carrie Underwood, ACM Entertainer of the Year.

Rhett Calls Eric Church His Favorite Country Artist of All Time

But Rhett has a lot of respect for his fellow country music artists. He holds one of them specifically to a high standard.

He’s called Eric Church his favorite country music artist of all time.

“As far as just me growing up and really falling in love with the craft of songwriting and a guy that can just perform the crap out of a show, it would be Eric, for sure,” he said during an interview with radio talk-show host Bobby Bones.

Thomas Rhett admits that when recording his first album, he attempted doing everything like Church.

Now he’s found his own rhythm in the studio and is cranking out hit after hit.