Thomas Rhett Opens Up About His Album-Making Process

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for ACM)

Prior to the release of his new studio album “Where We Started,” Thomas Rhett spoke about his “album-making” process. 

While chatting with Taste of Country on Friday (April 1st), Thomas Rhett admitted that while the album is now available, he doesn’t quite believe it’s fully done yet. “I think as an artist you never get to a point where you’re fully there,” Rhett explained. He further stated that most artists are perfectionists and overthinkers at their very core. 

Thomas Rhett also stated that having fans listening in on his songwriting process has an upside and downside to it. “I had a conversation about this literally today. About how much of a blessing and a curse it is to play demos for people.”

“Where We Started” is making its debut less than a year after Thomas Rhett released a double album. With the first part, “Country Again: Side A” making its debut at the end of April 2021. He will be releasing his “Country Again: Side B” sometime in 2022. 

“Where We Started” features Thomas Rhett’s new tracks, including “The Hill,” “Church Boots,” “Bass Pro Hat,” “Anything Cold,” and “Where We Started,” which features pop singer and songwriter Katy Perry. 

Along with his new album release, Thomas Rhett is preparing to go on tour. His first stop will be at the Tortuga Music Festival in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The event will take place on April 9th. 

Thomas Rhett Opens Up About Demos and Songwriting

As he continued to chat with Taste of Country about his new album, Thomas Rhett revealed his thoughts about teaming up with Katy Perry for the single “Where We Started.” And how the demo matched up well to the song.

“The scary thing about that song is it’s exactly the same as the demo, which never happens for me,” Thomas Rhett explained. He then discussed writing a song about his wife, Lauren. 

“I’ll never forget, I played my wife the demo of ‘Die a Happy Man’ six years ago,” Thomas Rhett recalled. “It was me playing it on an acoustic guitar at 2 AM on the bus. And she fell in love with that version.”

However, Thomas Rhett goes on to say that he recorded the song in the studio, and Lauren ended up hating it. “She called [producer] Dann Huff and said, ‘You have to change the production.’ And my wife has never done that on a song before.”

The experience notably inspired Thomas Rhett when it came to demos, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. “But the problem with that is you do get people excited for it. But if all we ever did was make acoustic versions of our songs, our shows would be flat. It’s a really tough line. Because fans now have the ability to have the demo-itis.”