Thomas Rhett Predicts How He’ll Handle His Daughters Dating

by Halle Ames

Every father’s worst nightmare is the day that his baby girl starts to date. Thomas Rhett has that to worry about that x3.

Country artist Thomas Rhett married his college sweetheart Lauren Akins in 2012.

The adorable couple first met their baby girl, Willa, on a trip to Uganda in 2016. By May 12, 2017, Thomas Rhett announced to fans that their 18-month-old daughter was finally home. Willa Gray is currently 5-years-old.

Only a few months after Willa Gray arrived, Ada James was born. The first biological daughter of Thomas and Lauren is now three years old.

And finally, Lennon Love was welcomed into the world by her proud parents and loving older sisters in February of 2020.

Thomas Rhett Warns “The Guys That Date My Girls”

This morning (April 30), Thomas Rhett uncovered the inspiration for his new emotional song “To the Guys that Date My Girls” during an interview with TODAY.

“I was riding around with a buddy of mine in Nashville,” explains Rhett. “He’s got a 15-year-old daughter, and I’ve got three, and we were just having this conversation of what kind of dads we’re gonna be like when our kids start to date.”

While Thomas Rhett hopes to be a scary and stern dad, he feels as though he will cave over the pressure.

“I think I would like to say that I would be like the tough dad, but I’m probably gonna be a softie like ‘Come in, come in, have some coffee, tell me about your life,'” he jokes.

Although his baby girls are still far from the day they are bringing significant others home, Thomas Rhett knows that it will be here before he knows it. He says he is just going to roll with the punches.

“You talk to so many parents, and it just comes just like that,” he said and snapped his fingers. “So it’s kind of a rough draft letter to those people that come to my house.”

I guess that’s better than my father. When my sisters and I brought boys home, he would give the nervous teens a set of deer antlers and tell them to run. Don’t worry. No boys were harmed in the making of these women… Yet.

Cue Rodney Atkins’ song “Cleaning This Gun.”

You are going to be great, Thomas. Don’t worry about a thing! Just remember your lyrics, “Wasn’t long ago I was your age.” Go easy on them.