Thomas Rhett Releases Teaser for Two New Songs, ‘Want It Again’ and ‘Growing Up’

by Charles Craighill
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for CMA)

Tonight at 11 p.m. CT, Thomas Rhett will release two brand new tracks on all major streaming platforms. The two songs, titled “Want It Again” and “Growing Up” will mark his first releases of the new year. His last release, “What’s Your Country Song,” came out in November of last year. Today on Twitter, Rhett shared a little sneak peek into what the songs may sound like.

“Two brand new tracks coming out tonight at 11 pm CT,” Thomas Rhett shared on Twitter. “Along with some news, I’ve been looking forward to sharing. “Want It Again” and “Growing Up” are songs I played acoustic during quarantine… proud to finally get these songs out to y’all.”

Thomas Rhett has not released a song in a few months, however, he has proven to have had a productive quarantine. As he mentions in his tweet, these two songs began as quarantine acoustics. Tonight, they will drop as the fully finished product after months in the making.

Thomas Rhett Has a Habit of Teasing Songs

These songs are both brand new, however, Thomas Rhett’s habit of releasing sneak peeks of songs on Instagram is nothing new at all. Particularly over the course of quarantine, Rhett has consistently given his fans glimpses of new material he has written.

For instance, back in November, Thomas Rhett released a sound bite of him and his fellow songwriters workshopping a song. That song turned into “What’s Your Country Song,” Rhett’s most recent single. He mentioned that the chorus changed slightly from the sound bit to the actual recording. However, the song ended up sounding pretty darn close to what he leaked.

Then, just last month, Thomas Rhett released another Instagram video of him playing his acoustic guitar. In the caption and in the video, he mentions that the song is an unreleased original. He calls it “Your Mama’s Front Door,” however, he has not detailed when that will hit the shelves.

With that said, we will get some new music from Thomas Rhett tonight, and based on the sneak peek, it should sound pretty good. Hopefully, these first new songs of the year will be the first of many in the coming months. Music is one of the things keeping people together in these crazy times, and if anyone knows that, it’s Thomas Rhett.