Thomas Rhett Reveals ‘Little Teaser’ of New Song ‘Where We Grew Up’

by Jennifer Shea

Country star Thomas Rhett had a creative 2020, thanks in part to the pandemic. With everyone holed up at home and not touring, the musician found time to produce a trove of new songs.

Thomas Rhett Teases New Song

Among those songs is “Where We Grew Up.” Rhett posted a clip from the song to TikTok this week. It’s an ode to rural living and quiet childhoods.

Per Pop Culture, the chorus goes: “Home country music, baseball diamonds, finding us a fishing hole / Them Sunday morning sermons, tailgate learning, sipping’ something cold,” he sang. “They born and raised us on faith, hope and love / And they dang sure, and I’m dang sure proud of where we grew up.” 

Rhett’s next album is due out later in 2021. He’s already released the first single from it, “What’s Your Country Song?”

And Rhett said that after quarantine, he’s got plenty more where that came from.

“I mean it’s been 60 something days, I’d probably say I’ve written 35 to 40 songs,” Rhett told his record label this past June. “I just feel like any kind of change in life can spark a new idea, and especially the same for your co-writers, because they’re going through the same stuff too. So, there’s definitely no shortage of ideas during this time and I do feel very creative.”

Busy Career and Busy Home Life

Rhett has had to produce songs despite plenty of activity at home. He and wife Lauren Akins have three kids, daughters Lennon Love, Willa Gray and Ada James. But he seems to enjoy the tumult. In fact, Rhett recently told radio talk show host Bobby Bones that the couple want to add more kids to the mix.

“I doubt my wife would stop until we get to at least 5 or 6 more, so we will see,” he said. “I don’t really have a say. So, if Lauren wants six kids, we are probably going to have six kids.”

Rhett allowed as how he wouldn’t mind having a little boy running around the house. That could add to the ruckus, but Rhett doesn’t seem to mind the prospect.

“Me and Lauren are getting to the point that our house is so chaotic anyway that as we continue to have kids,” he said, laughing, “I definitely want to have a boy.”

At the very least, that should provide plenty of inspiration for new songs. Not that Rhett seems to need it these days.