Thomas Rhett Reveals That ‘His Country Song’ is a Timeless Classic from Eric Church

by Jacklyn Krol

Thomas Rhett revealed that his go-to country song is Eric Church’s “These Boots.”

Thomas Rhett’s Personal Favorite

The “Be A Light” singer spoke with Big Machine Label Group in an interview and answered the question that just happens to be his single, “What’s Your Country Song?”

“I think if I had to pick my country song, it would probably be something by Eric Church,” he revealed. “Cause I think going through middle school and high school, he was my idol in country music. And I just remember listening to ‘These Boots’ over and over and over and over again. I just loved how simple it was, how strip[ped] down it was and the story that it told.”

Aside from the impressive vocals and honest lyricism, Rhett enjoys the song because everyone can relate to it. “Cause I think we all have been in those places where, whether we’re wearing boots or tennis shoes or whatever it is, you’re like, dang, these things have seen a lot of life and a lot of crazy memories, a lot of sad memories, a lot of the good ones. So, I think ‘These Boots’ would be my country song.”

Thomas Rhett recently revealed on The Bobby Bones Show that Church was his “favorite country artist of all time.”

“As far as just me growing up and really falling in love with the craft of songwriting and a guy that can just perform the crap out of a show, it would be Eric, for sure,” he said.

Eric Church’s Tradition

The song itself has sparked a tradition from Eric Church fans. Along with “These Boots” becoming an instant fan classic, it has become a staple at concerts. While on tour, fans throw their cowboy boots at Church during the song. The Chief then autographs some of the boots for lucky fans.

Although he’s been doing it for years, he finally got a boot thrown at his head while in Boston. He told Country Music Rocks that he “lost it in the light.” As for the fan that threw it, he felt terrible.

“A lot of people saw it better than I did, and it clocked me,” he recalled. “I mean, it was so good. It knocked my sunglasses off. They went flying, and the [laughing] thing, and you look up and this guy is so mortified. It’s like he’s killed his guy.” He quickly recovered on stage but his vision was blurry for a few days after the incident.

His Boot Line

The song also sparked his very own Lucchese Boots line. He launched the collection in 2014 called “These Boots.” He personally designed ten different styles. The best part? The lyrics in Church’s handwriting are laser-etched into every sole.

“My boots write the stories that sing the songs of my life. They’ve led me down so many different roads. I hope your boots take you on your own incredible journey,” Eric Church says of the collection.