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Thomas Rhett Reveals His Wife Lauren Akins’ ‘Least Favorite Song’ He’s Ever Released

by Emily Morgan
(Photo Credit: Emma McIntyre/ Getty Images)

Country’s cutest couple, Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins are letting fans in on a secret of theirs. Despite Rhett having plenty of No. 1 songs, his wife hasn’t always been a fan of all of them. In an interview with Jesse Frasure on the Apple Music Country radio show, Little Bit Country, Rhett told listeners which song Akins liked the least. 

Lauren Akin’s Least Favorite Song of Rhett’s

“I put out this song called ‘Something to Do with My Hands,’ it was my very first single that I ever put out and I don’t even talk about that song anymore,” he said. “I think it might be my wife’s least favorite song I’ve ever written.”

Originally, Thomas Rhett began his music career intending to only be a songwriter and not a solo artist. Later on, he began releasing his own music following “Something to Do With My Hands” with his single “Beer with Jesus.”

The song “Something to Do With My Hands” was featured on Rhett’s debut album, It Goes Like This. The album also features the song “Beer With Jesus”, “Get Me Some of That,” and “Make Me Wanna”. Two of the songs from the album were No. 1. 

Thomas Rhett on “Beer With Jesus”

Speaking on “Beer With Jesus”, Rhett said, “That was to me, what I wanted the world to know of me,” he said of the song. “After ‘Beer with Jesus’ died at 15, I was like, ‘Well, now what do we do?’ And a song going to 15, I would consider that… It’s a win… Especially for a brand new artist, that’s definitely a huge win.”

Thomas Rhett told Frasure his label was apprehensive about the release at first. The song would be a determining factor in his career’s success. “I’m a perfectionist as you know, and it was not going to be suitable until it was at the top.” 

“They were like, ‘That is a death threat. Literally, it is a career ruiner of a song,'” he recalled. “In the nicest way because they obviously wanted me to succeed. And in my gut, I remember I called Virginia, my manager, one night and I said, ‘I think we got to do this.’ And she goes, ‘Here’s the deal. If you are still going to be happy, if the song dies at 45, then you should definitely put it out.'”

“I had to think about that because I was like, ‘Well, if it dies at 45, I don’t know what we’re going to… I guess we’re just going to make a new record,'” the father of three continued. “And the song sat at 40 for six weeks. It sat at 40 for so long. And then all the sudden, every week it started creeping up on the iTunes chart, creeping up, creeping up, creeping up. And the next thing you know, we’re in the top 10, we’re in the top 5, and then all the sudden, it was a two-week number one.”

On Tuesday, the country hitmaker was nominated for his fourth Grammy Award for his songwriting on the Old Dominion track, “Some People Do.”