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Thomas Rhett Says Handling Four Daughters Is ‘An Act of God’

by Jacklyn Krol
Jason Kempin, Getty Images

Thomas Rhett has a growing brood and manages to care for four young ones.

The “Crash and Burn” singer and his wife Lauren Akins have four daughters: Willa, Ada, Lillie, and Lennon. They’re all 6 years old or younger. So going out to do typical things can be quite challenging. Rhett spoke about just taking them to Chick-fil-A the other day. Having one child can be a lot but having a newborn and three little ones that can walk provide quite the challenge.

“That was an act of God,” he said of the experience. “Because any time that you’re with an infant – not that every kid is not as important – but when you are literally strollering an infant into a restaurant, the other three are kinda like, ‘Hey, I hope I’ve taught you enough to where you don’t sprint into the street and you’re holding somebody’s hand, and we don’t start throwing French fries in Chick-fil-A.”

Thomas Rhett believes that these moments are the ones that he will vividly look back on when he’s older.

“I often don’t volunteer to take all four of them at the same time because it’s absolute chaos,” he admitted. “But it is fun cause I like for my kids to look at me and trust me and be like, ‘Oh, he can do this.’  Cause I think kids can tell when you feel like you can’t do something.  So, having the confidence to be able to take them to the mall or take ‘em out to eat or whatever, is always really fun for me to get to do, but also like an act of God.”

Thomas Rhett on Family Life

Thomas Rhett spoke more in-depth about life as a father of four. In a new interview with Mashed, he revealed that he enjoys making lunches. The little things mean the most.

“When I wake up in the mornings to make the kid’s lunches — I wouldn’t do this. My wife loves to take cookie cutters. If I make a turkey sandwich or a peanut butter sandwich, we’ll stamp the sandwich with a heart or a rainbow,” Rhett shared. “I find myself crushing the outer areas of the sandwich at six o’clock in the morning.”

Parenthood hasn’t always been easy or filled with solely incredible moments. It takes work and scheduling, even when they get sick. When one person gets sick, they all tend to get sick. The entire household is down for the count.

“Goodness gracious — when all four kids, including me and Lauren, have been all sick at the same time with different things. One’s got a stomach virus, or one’s got a cough, and one’s got a fever. It is like, because you don’t want any of your family to come over and help because you don’t want anyone else to get sick, you’re like, ‘I don’t want to get off the couch right now,’ but everyone needs something from me or something from Lauren,” he explained. “When everyone’s sick, it’s survival mode at that point. That would be the craziest bit of parenting for us, for sure.”