Thomas Rhett Shares First Taste of 6th Studio Album With Release of Lead Single, ‘Slow Down Summer’

by Jacklyn Krol

Thomas Rhett is ushering in his new era of music with the debut single from his upcoming project.

Earlier this week, Rhett announced his sixth and seventh studio albums. His upcoming record, Where We Started will mark his sixth full-length release. “Slow Down Summer” is unlike any of his past releases, complete with a 14-piece string section and piano melody. The tune tells the story of a summer romance that changes with the seasons. Along with the single’s release, Thomas Rhett also debuted a lyric video.

“I wrote this song from the point of view of two people who are in love during senior year of high school,” he shared in a press release. “I envisioned them headed off to different schools and they’re starting to understand that the moment the weather starts to change, they’ve got a 99-percent chance this relationship is not going to work. I know that myself and a lot of people have been there before, wishing the fireworks stage doesn’t have to end.” 

Rhett co-wrote the song with his father Rhett Akins alongside Ashley Gorley, Jesse Frasure and Sean Douglas. The songwriters wrote the track while on a writing retreat in Montana. Frasure and Dan Huff produced the track.

Watch the lyric video below:

Thomas Rhett’s Back to Back Records

Following his smash release of his Country Again Side A record, fans began to wonder when the second half would be coming out. Country Again Side B will be coming in 2022. Thomas Rhett made the big album announcements just hours before his new single dropped.

“So I’m going to give you the scoop on that,” he began. “So last year and this year on the road me and my team have been writing so many songs. What we’ve decided to do is to put out two albums next year which is going to be awesome.”

“Slow Down Summer” will act as the first release for Where We Started. That record is set to release in early 2022. Meanwhile, Country Again Side B will debut in Fall 2022.

“I’m so pumped,” he added. “I cannot wait for y’all to hear these new songs and I cannot wait to play them for you live on the road next year. But until then, y’all get excited. Tell your friends, tell your parents, tell your dogs, tell anybody.”

Rhett Akins’ Inspiration

After Thomas Rhett got to watch his father be inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame, he was emotional. He wrote about how much of an impact Rhett Akins has had on him both personally and professionally.

“Dad, I can’t express how amazed I am at your talent, creativity, drive, and even though you have all that drive how calm you are throughout the process,” Rhett began.

Rhett revealed one piece of advice that his father gave him that he lives by.

“You always tell me if God wants it to happen, it will,” he continued. “I try to remind myself of that every day. In a business where ‘hits’ drive people, you seem to never lose that feeling inside of you that loved writing and singing as a 15-year-old kid, and even though you have that mentality you still touch gold with everything that comes out of your mouth.”