Thomas Rhett Shares Hilarious Story and Photo from Ski Trip

by Kayla Zadel

Ski trips can take a turn at any moment, just like the weather on the mountain. Thomas Rhett just found that out on his recent snow adventure.

The “Die a Happy Man” singer and his brother decided to hit the hard slopes on the last day of their ski trip. Then things took a turn for the worse. This is how the story goes according to Rhett.

“Little bro @tyler_lankford_ was dead set on hitting this one insane run in big sky. @laur_akins told him she would do it with him cause it was out [sic] last day. Therefore I said I would go in case they both needed help.”

Here’s the photo that Rhett shares along with the story. It does look a little hair-raising since all we can see are two small figures on this white backdrop.

Rhett continues to tell the story, “It ended with me and Tyler having a panic attack because we couldn’t see but 3 feet in front of us. Lauren was fine, and laughed at us for being so scared and managed to take this photo. Story of my life.”

Fans have liked the photo more than 102-thousand times. Plus there are hundreds of comments. Here are a couple about Rhett’s wife, “That is very scary, thank goodness for your brave wife!!!” and another “She’s seriously the coolest! Lol”

One fans wants to know “So did y’all complete the run?😂”

According to Rhett’s Instagram page, he’s experienced a few firsts. The country singer went hunting for the first time in his life. Rhett shares a few photos from his time in the woods.

“First timber hunt a couple weeks ago.. thanks @wildwingsducks for hosting me. Such a blast,” the caption reads.

In the first photo, Rhett is standing next to a tree holding a rifle, and in the next he’s shooting with a DSLR camera. Then the last pic shows the country singer sitting around a campfire with his guitar.

Thomas Rhett Goes From Sun to Snow

Just a couple weeks ago, Rhett took his wife of 8-years on a tropical trip to Mexico.

“Thanks for the good times Cabo @laur_akins,” he captions the photo. Rhett shares a carousel of snaps from their vacation.