Thomas Rhett Shares That He is Taking a Break From Social Media

by Jennifer Shea

Country singer Thomas Rhett is stepping back from social media for awhile.

“Gonna hop off Instagram for a little while,” Rhett wrote in an Instagram Story Tuesday. “Too much negativity on an app I spend too much time on. I wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy holiday. Much love, TR.”

Thomas Rhett Takes A Break

Rhett’s decision follows an online backlash to photos that Rhett and his wife Lauren Akins posted from a trip to Cabo.

“Thanks to a very kind friend, we got to go to Cabo, meet my new bestie (the goofiest sea lion named Poncho), eat fresh ahi tuna that was just caught and watch beautiful sunsets with sweet friends,” Akins wrote on her Instagram post. 

Instagram and Good Causes

In recent months, Rhett has used his Instagram account for benevolent causes. For example, he challenged fellow country singer Dierks Bentley to the Good Hands Challenge, a paper football contest sponsored by Allstate to raise funds for college scholarships.

“Thanks @kirkherbstreit for challenging me in the @Allstate #GoodHandsChallenge,” Rhett posted to Instagram last month. “I was a champion at this in high school, and now I get to use those finely-tuned skills to give back! And you can too! Just film yourself flicking your own paper football through some uprights and challenging one of your friends, then share your video using #GoodHandsChallenge. For every flick, @Allstate will donate $10 towards college scholarships. So start challenging your friends now! I challenge @DierksBentley. You’re up, buddy! Let’s see what you got!” 

Rhett has also used the social media platform to share sweet messages about his family. On Mother’s Day last May, he took to Instagram to pay tribute to his wife.

“If I were to say everything that I love about this woman it probably wouldn’t even fit into a book,” Rhett posted at the time. 

Rhett did not say when he plans to return to Instagram. But his legions of fans are probably hoping it’s a short hiatus.