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Thomas Rhett Shares Unreleased Track ‘Your Momma’s Front Door’ on Instagram

by Charles Craighill
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for CMA)

Last week on Instagram, Thomas Rhett gave us a rare sneak peek into a song he wrote the other day. “Your Momma’s Front Door” has not yet been released, however, the song sounds complete based on Rhett playing and singing it in the video. The video features Rhett with his acoustic guitar giving a brief message then playing the song for his fans.

“Your Momma’s Front Door,” Thomas Rhett says in the caption. “I realize that my hair is insane,” he admits.

The song itself is a beautiful ode to his wife’s childhood home where he grew up with her. While it clearly has some deep sentimental value to Thomas Rhett, the lyrics never get too sappy. His strong, southern voice matches the feeling of the guitar perfectly, and together they give the song life. While no one can know what will happen once the song hits the studio, just based on his acoustic rendition with an iPhone microphone, this song could become an instant hit.

Thomas Rhett Shares New Music

“What’s up y’all,” Rhett says to his fans at the beginning of the video. “We got some new music coming pretty soon, but I keep writing songs and I like playing them for y’all because I feel like I get good feedback.”

Thomas Rhett does like to occasionally grace his fans’ timelines with some of his works in progress. For instance, back before “What’s Your Country Song” came out in November, he posted a sneak peek of the writing session. While the song came out a bit different after the recording, the sneak peek got the melody stuck in everyone’s head before it even came out. The same might happen with “Your Momma’s Front Door.”

“This is one I wrote a couple of weeks ago after I went and dropped Lennon off at Lauren’s mom’s house,” Thomas Rhett continued to explain to his fans. “You know, I’ve been over to that house a million times from the time I was thirteen up until now at thirty. It just hit me different walking through that front door dropping off Lennon, because there have been so many versions of me that have walked in that front door.”