Thomas Rhett Snaps Midair Photo of ‘Monster’ Buck in Front Yard

by Amanda Glover
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Looks like our favorite country singer got some snow this year! Thomas Rhett snapped a picture midair of a huge buck on his property.

Yesterday, the “Slow Down Summer” singer posted a picture to his Instagram of a buck leaping over a fence into the forest. The beautiful snow day they’re experiencing makes for a stunning photo. Looks like Bambi is on the hunt for another adventure.

The post reads: “First Nashville snow day…..front yard monster.”

Fans of Thomas Rhett leave kind comments under his post complimenting the photo, making hunting jokes, and admiring the deer. This includes other country singers like Morgan Wallen and Jordan Davis. Many also hope Rhett has no plans on turning the animal into dinner. “The day after the season closed… he knows what he is doing.” Another follower wrote: “Thank you for not shooting it.” Yes, thank you very much.

Usually, the singer’s post revolves around his music, wife, and four daughters. Fans often get excited when he puts out new music announcements, but the most popular photos seem to be of his whole family together. Fans were of course excited for the birth of his fourth daughter back in November.

Thomas Rhett and Lauren are All About Family

In a house of six, five of them being girls, we can only imagine the energy stirring up in the Rhett-Akins household.

Back around Christmas time in 2021, the couple gave an interview with GMA where they discussed life with their family. The interview was conducted courtesy of his record label, Big Machine Label Group.

“I think after having three kids, I don’t feel like I and Lauren could be shocked anymore. I do know that four is a lot, but we’re already kind of in the chaos phase with young kids; one in kindergarten, one in preschool, one still in diapers, and then an infant. We’re just gonna have to re-learn how to prioritize our time.”

Although being parents to 4 children under the age of seven might seem difficult, it’s always been a desire for the couple to have a big family. So who knows? Maybe there will be more little ones in store!

“I do know that it’s gonna be stressful, but, you know, we always wanted a big family, and we’re just looking forward to it.”

Well, that’s great to hear. As two people who’ve built loving lives together, we’re confident that no matter how big their family gets, Rhett and Lauren will make it by providing nothing but love.