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Thomas Rhett Suits Up to Throw Out the First Pitch at Cubs Game in Joyous Moment

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Kevin Kane/Getty Images)

There are a handful of sports venues in America that are must-see for fans. Thomas Rhett got to get up close and personal with one. Wrigley Field and the Chicago Cubs hosted the country music singer for their game today against the St. Louis Cardinals.

Not only were Rhett and his family special guests, but also the singer also got to throw out the first pitch. Quite an honor for a country boy from Valdosta, Georgia. Of course, Rhett was thankful and excited to be able to take the honor. He shared some pictures on Twitter to commemorate the event.

While Rhett will have to explain himself to the Atlanta Braves fans, it looked like he had a lot of fun out there. Not to mention, his throw was much better than Conor McGregor’s attempt earlier in the week. No matter who you are, if you are given a chance to throw out the first pitch at Wrigley Field, you put on that Cubby gear and get out there.

Following his time in Chicago, Thomas Rhett is preparing for his upcoming tour dates. He will start playing shows again on the first of October. He goes from Alabama to Missouri and then Arkansas in the first three days of the month. The first nine days of the month will be full of shows for the country singer.

The bearded country star has lots to smile about. Not only is he pitching at Wrigley Field, going on tour, his newest single Country Again hit the top of the charts earlier this month. That’s a whole lot to smile about. Unlike the Cubs in today’s game.

Thomas Rhett Can’t Help Cubs Win Over Cardinals

While the fans got a kick out of Rhett throwing out the first pitch, the Cubs couldn’t overcome the Cards. This was a close game throughout, but the lack of solid pitching for Chicago just didn’t help. St. Louis was simply able to capitalize off of their hits more.

This wasn’t an offensive powerhouse showing, and these teams are in two different stages of the season at the moment. The Cardinals have 87 wins and 69 losses while the Cubs are sitting at 67-89 on the year. One of these teams is preparing for a real run at the playoffs while the other is looking forward to next season, where to build the roster next.

While Thomas Rhett gave his enthusiasm and support to the Cubbies, it didn’t amount to much. There is only so much that a country music star can do at a Major League Baseball game. While the Cubs had one more hit than the Cardinals, 8 to 7, they could only convert two into runs. Four runs scored on the St. Louis side, and well, that’s the ball game folks.