Thomas Rhett Talks Balancing Being a Parent With Being a Musician and Time on the Road

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo credit should read ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images)

Thomas Rhett may be known as a country music superstar to most, but for the ones that matter the most, he is dad. And now, Rhett is opening up about being a parent while juggling his successful music career.

During a recent interview with Official Charts, Thomas Rhett spoke about how he keeps his music career and his parent duties separately. “Over the last couple of years, I’ve written so many songs. On tour is where I write the majority of the time. At home, I’ve got four kids. The thought of telling my wife I want to write when I get home would just be a tragedy.”

When asked how he balances his career with family life, Thomas Rhett explained, “You should’ve seen my morning this morning. It’s absolute chaos. I think I’ve learned how to be productive in chaos.”

Thomas Rhett further declared that being a dad is the first priority in his life and he doesn’t want to half-ass anything. “I’m nervous about the balance of being musician and dad. It’s all trial and error.”

Thomas Rhett married his wife, Lauren Akins, in 2012. The couple adopted a baby girl from Uganda in May 2017. They then had three daughters in August 2017, February 2020, and November 2021.  

Thomas Rhett Chats About Teaming Up With Katy Perry on ‘Where We Started’

While continuing to discuss his career with Official Charts, Thomas Rhett spoke about collaborating with pop music icon Katy Perry on his new single “Where We Started.”

“When we finished the track, somebody at the label thought it could be a feature and emailed Katy Perry’s team,” Thomas Rhett recalled. “Katy responded immediately. And the next thing I know, I’m FaceTiming Katy Perry in my kitchen and shooting a music video.”

Thomas Rhett further explained that he kept pinching himself the entire time working with Perry. “I’m thinking to myself, ‘You are an icon. You changed music and put your stamp on a whole decade.’ It’s pretty wild to me that Katy would want to do something with me. But I’m very fortunate that she did because I love that track.”

When asked what he and Perry talk about, Thomas Rhett mentioned that being a parent is a huge topic. “Parenting was the majority of what we talked about. When we were shooting the music video, every time the director said, ‘Cut,’ we’d pick back up on the last story we were talking about. We were like, ‘Oh, your kid’s doing that now? My kid won’t eat peas either!’”

Thomas Rhett went on to add that Perry is a down-to-earth human being and it was fun meeting someone he hoped to be as awesome as he’d expect. “Katy was one of those people who was everything I’d hoped for and more. She’s such a sweet person and really cared about why she was there.”