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Thomas Rhett Teases New Single with Video on Twitter, TikTok

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

Thomas Rhett isn’t letting 2020 slow him down. The country singer & songwriter has a new single headed fans’ way in just a few days.

Thomas Rhett has fans excited about the announcement of new music today. Taking to Twitter and TikTok, the country starlets followers know his newest single, What’s Your Country Song, hits next Wednesday, November 11th.

In a sneak peek on Twitter, Rhett teases the hit-in-the-making with a classic country sounding hook. “Everybody got a small town anthem,” he sings. “Everybody got a story to tell.”

The duality of this year’s highs lows, it seems, have made their way into his lyrics, as well. “Everybody got a Hallelujah, everybody been through a little Hell,” the song continues. This is, however, all Twitter followers will hear.

To hear a longer 30-second clip of What’s Your Country Song, Rhett points followers to his TikTok. Here, they can revel in further sounds from the singer before the single hits in full on November 11th.

Thomas Rhett Brings in 2020’s Highs & Lows For New Single

Part of said highs & lows for Rhett come from every facet of his year. For the highs, the artist is 2020 Country Music Entertainer of the Year alongside Carrie Underwood and shows no signs of slowing down.

In addition, Rhett is celebrating a renewed sense of love with wife Lauren Akins a happy anniversary. For his part, he says their relationship is “stronger than ever.”

Happy 8 year anniversary @laur_akins. I have loved every second of our journey together. No matter how tough it has been at times you are a fighter and I thank you and the Lord every day that you wake up and choose love. You are my rock, my inspiration. I love you so much honey!

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Marriage counseling for Thomas Rhett & Lauren Akins has them “stronger than ever”

The lows, however, come in the form of having to reconcile past differences with Akins.

Rhett, son of singer Rhett Akins, is no stranger to the spotlight. Having been raised by a country singer, Rhett has always enjoyed being in the spotlight. He and his father even tour together, too. This penchant for living the celebrity life, however, has made trouble for his marriage in the past.

The couple claims they hit a huge snag in their relationship whilst Lauren was in Uganda. Rhett was still touring and living his usual life. Lauren, though, was pregnant and struggling with loneliness on the other side of the world. The two had a particularly terrible fight over the phone, and chose to seek therapy over it. According to a humbled Rhett, they came out “stronger than ever.”

“Coming on the other side of that, I feel like I learned so much from that experience,” Rhett adds in an interview with Bobby Bones. “It made me know that, in a marriage, you do have to figure stuff out. You have to talk about it. You’ve gotta be real about it. You’ve gotta be honest about it. Hopefully, there’s somebody else reading that chapter going, ‘Man, I’ve been in that same position. If they can work it out, we can work it out too.”

A young Thomas Rhett, too, experienced this duality within a hilarious story involving a dear family friend, legend Reba McEntire.

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