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Thomas Rhett’s Father’s Day Plans Include ‘Kids, Farm, Corn Maze, Four-Wheeler and Disney Movies’

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Michael Loccisano/ Getty Images)

Thomas Rhett is a certified #girldad to his three beautiful daughters. With a house full of women, what do they have planned for Father’s Day?

Anyone with daughters understands that activities, like having tea parties or watching Disney princess movies, becomes their life. And with three daughters and a wife, Thomas Rhett is completely outnumbered in his home. Furthermore, the family announced daughter number FOUR is on the way. 

Thomas Rhett better start saving up. That is a whole lot of makeup, prom dresses, and weddings to foot the bill for. 

Thomas Rhett- 1: Girls- 5

In 2016, the couple adopted their oldest child, Willa, after a trip to Uganda. One year later, they brought Willa home. Not long after, Thomas Rhett shocked country music fans by announcing Lauren was pregnant.

Ada James was born in mid-August of 2017. Then, in February of 2020, the couple welcomed their third daughter Lennon Love. And now, the family is growing once again, and the baby girl is expected to arrive by November 2021. 

But back to Father’s Day. Thomas Rhett should win some kind of Father of the Lifetime award for his sweet efforts at juggling a booming career as well as three daughters and a pregnant wife. But, Lauren, you also deserve recognition. You are amazing. 

Furthermore, if you want a tear-jerker, listen to Thomas Rhett’s new song, “To the Guys that Date My Girls.”

The Perfect Father’s Day

How does Rhett plan on spending his special day? Well, according to Big Machine Label Group, he plans to have a lowkey kind of day with his girls. 

“I think on Father’s Day, all I want to do is literally just go to the farm with my kids and ride around on a four-wheeler, walk through the corn – they love to walk through the corn maze and get to take little corn stalks off of it and try to eat it. I love getting to build a fire with them.”

That seems simple enough. In addition, since it is Thomas Rhett’s day, he wants to combine their favorite activities, which include watching Disney movies, but only the classics. 

Do children even watch the iconic, old Disney films anymore? Don’t get me wrong, Moana is fantastic, but turn on some Fantasia, give us some Lady and the Tramp, how about the Jungle Book.  

“I love when they want to sit down and watch, like my favorite Disney movie,” admits Thomas Rhett. “Like one of the classics. Because they’re all into the new stuff, and I just want to sit down and watch Robin Hood or Aladdin. It’s the one day of the year that we get to do what I want to do, but I love getting to do it with them.”

Farms, fathers, family, films, fields, and fun, count us in! That sounds like the perfect day to us. So why wait until Father’s Day?