Tim McGraw Albums Full List: From His Self-Titled Debut to Classics Like ‘Not a Moment Too Soon’

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)

Ever since 1993, Tim McGraw has been putting out albums that country music fans have taken in and enjoyed. He is one of the biggest artists of the 1990s and 2000s in the country music genree. McGraw didn’t hit gold on his first project, a self-titled album. He had some potential there, and his sophomore release was massive. Since then, he has released two albums that have gone 6x Platinum and 12 of his 15 studio projects have been No. 1 albums.

Even at 54 years old, McGraw keeps releasing new music and finding a way to be one of the genre’s biggest figures. He even parlayed his success into a starring role for the hit Paramount+ show 1883.

Tim McGraw Welcomed Us to the Club and Reminded Us To Be Humble and Kind

When McGraw released his first album, a self-titled 10-track project, it did alright. No one expects to reach No. 1 on their first album. A few singles from the album made it to the U.S. Country charts, however, it wasn’t anything massive. By the time he put out his second album, McGraw was on the way to stardom. From there, he has put out 16 total studio albums, 74 singles, 44 of which went No. 1, and so much more.

So, let’s take a look down memory lane and go over McGraw’s discography. From Tim McGraw to Here on Earth.

Full List of Tim McGraw’s Studio Albums

  • Tim McGraw (1993)
  • Not a Moment Too Soon (1994)
  • All I Want (1995)
  • Everywhere (1997)
  • A Place in the Sun (1999)
  • Set This Circus Down (2001)
  • Tim McGraw and the Dancehall Doctors (2002)
  • Live Like You Were Dying (2004)
  • Let It Go (2007)
  • Southern Voice (2009)
  • Emotional Traffic (2012)
  • Two Lanes of Freedom (2013)
  • Sundown Heaven Town (2014)
  • Damn Country Music (2015)
  • The Rest of Our Life (2017)
  • Here on Earth (2020)

Throughout this list of albums are McGraw’s biggest hits. Just going over the list will bring memories and tunes to your mind. With all of these great studio albums, plus 13 compilation albums in total, the hits don’t stop.

Tim McGraw

  • Release Date: April 20, 1993
  • Label: Curb
  • Hit Single: Welcome to the Club (#47 US Country)

This is just a classic 90s country sound. A 26-year-old Tim McGraw had just put out his self-titled debut album. A little lovesick tune that doesn’t rely too much on being sad. This is one of those celebratory heartbreak songs. So, if you are feeling a little lonesome-hearted, “Welcome to the club.”

Not a Moment Too Soon

  • Release Date: March 22, 1994
  • Label: Curb
  • Hit Single: Not a Moment Too Soon (#1 US Country)

By the time the title track single came out in 1994, Not a Moment Too Soon had already had success. And not just country music success, but mainstream success as well. Indian Outlaw and Don’t Take the Girl both transcended the country charts. This Tim McGraw album put the singer firmly at the top of the genre. It was just the beginning.

Damn Country Music

  • Release Date: November 6, 2015
  • Label: Big Machine
  • Hit Single: Humble and Kind (#30 US, #1 US Country)

By the time Damn Country Music came out in 2015, Tim McGraw was putting albums out under a new label. He had moved on from Curb to Big Machine. The label has been making major moves over the years and getting McGraw was a big part of that. Humble and Kind was another emotional ballad that McGraw rode all the way to the top of the country music charts once again.

Tim McGraw: Country Music Star and Frontier Fiction Hero

Over the now four decades of McGraw’s career, he has gone above the music. His ventures in acting and the Hollywood space have made him a multitalented star. He has continued to put out hit music while spreading his talent to other places. As James Dutton on 1883, the actor brought a frontier character to life. The prequel series, the origin story for Yellowstone, was very popular and continues to pull in new viewers. McGraw shined during the series and it has fans wanting more.

McGraw’s last album, 2020’s Here on Earth, went to #1 on the US Country charts and #14 on the US charts among all albums. He’s still got it.