Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Daughter Shows Off Carefree Dance Moves in the California Sunshine

by Emily Morgan

Tim McGraw’s daughter, Gracie, further proved she’s a ray of sunshine with her latest Instagram video. On Wednesday, the eldest of the McGraw daughters posted a joyful clip of herself dancing in the sun to Bette Middler. “Basking in the sunlight, basking in the glory of the Divine Miss M,” she wrote in the caption alongside the post.

Rocking a short-sleeved black jumpsuit and her new tattoo, Gracie is carefree and playful as she dances to Middler’s classic 1972 hit, “Do You Want To Dance.” The 23-year-old actress showed off her excellent music taste as well as her effortless dance moves. Later on, her adorable pup joined in on the dancing. With a beaming smile on her face, her sunny demeanor matched the bright California setting.

Gracie’s big brown and white fluffy puppy, Baz, got in on the fun as she put his front paws onto her shoulders as if he was her dance partner. However, the adorable pup had to bow out early, but Gracie kept on dancing. She then began lip-synching along to the song while continuing to dance.

Despite her age, Gracie is clearly a fan of Middler and other ’70s artists — something she probably got from her superstar parents.

Tim Mcgraw’s Eldest Daughter Continues to Bring Sunshine to Social Media

On social media, Gracie is known for posting inspirational snaps and clips. Her Instagram page is full of positivity— something her 37,000 followers seem to love. After she posted the clip, her followers chimed in, letting her know how much they love seeing her posts.

“You seem like the most carefree girl I know. That is awesome. Stay confident and happy! It makes such a positive impact on so many,” one user wrote in the comments section. Someone else shared the same sentiment, simply writing, “Never stop being you.” Someone else commented, “You crack me up and, I love it!” While another user added, “Your posts cheer me up,” and someone gushed, “Gosh! To have this much energy and personality!! Love your happy feed.”

Gracie recently honored her superstar parents, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, with a new tattoo. The tattoo, located on her forearm, features a cowboy boot. It also features other symbols that represent locations that are important to her parents. Inside the boot, an iris can be seen, which symbolizes Tennessee, and a magnolia, which indicates Hill’s home state of Mississippi and McGraw’s roots in Louisiana.

“T & F for T & F. Iris for Tennessee. Magnolia for Louisiana and Mississippi. Boot cuz YEEHAW,” Gracie wrote alongside a photo of the tattoo on Instagram.