Tim McGraw’s Backyard is Full of Turkeys Enjoying Ice Storm in Latest Tweet

by Jon D. B.

The icy footage, shot by country icon Tim McGraw as he enjoys the company of local fowl, is business as usual for wintering Tennesseans.

“Hangin in the backyard…..with a bunch of turkeys…in an ice storm…” the star tweets amidst America’s intense cold snap. McGraw’s footage comes courtesy of his home in Nashville, Tennessee. McGraw & Faith Hill own a gorgeous (and massive) house in the city, as well as a farm in Franklin just outside. The two also own an entire island in the Bahamas, but judging by the ice and turkeys, we’re betting this footage doesn’t come courtesy of this property.

Music City, along with most of the nation, is currently experiencing an unusual winter storm. The front, named Winter Storm Uri by The Weather Channel, has already “smashed snow records in Texas and will continue to spread snow and potentially damaging ice.”

In addition, TWC forecasts these conditions “from the South into parts of the Midwest and Northeast through Tuesday.”

Tim McGraw and his gaggle of turkeys, however, seem largely unfazed by Uri so far. The large, hardy birds are well insulated towards the weather. We can only assume that McGraw and Faith Hill are bundling up to accomplish the same.

Tim McGraw & Nashville Brace for Winter Storm Uri

“This winter storm is being spurred on by a vigorous jet-stream disturbance and a low-pressure system,” says The Weather Channel of Uri’s unusual hold on America. Moreover, the system is spreading moisture into “record-breaking cold air” already present across the U.S.

So far, Uri has managed to coat Nashville in a thick layer of ice. As a result, Davidson County officials have advised a travel cease-all. As this Nashville born & based author sits writing, the snow is just now beginning to fall and top 24 hours worth of sleet. While we (Tim McGraw included) may see anywhere from 4 to 6 inches of snow in just a few hours, this pales in comparison to record-shattering winter weather seen in other states.

“More than 3.6 million Texas homes and businesses were without power Monday evening… Record-breaking cold and Winter Storm Uri [is extending] an icy grip across the central United States,” TWC continues. “In all, more than 4 million outages [are active] in 10 states as of about 6 p.m. EST,” according to poweroutage.us.

Hopefully, Uri lets loose its wintery grip soon, and the South can recover from these horrible outages. Outsider.com wishes all the best to Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, and their turkeys in the meantime.