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Tim McGraw ‘Can’t Wait’ for Summer in Throwback Photos with Monster Hogfish

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Don Arnold/WireImage)

With more and more warm days occurring across the country, more and more people are counting down the days until summer arrives. One of those people is country music superstar Tim McGraw.

The “Undivided” singer took to Twitter on Wednesday (March 17) and shared photos of him taking part in a warm-weather activity that many people also enjoy.

The activity? Spearfishing. And, McGraw showed off some monster hogfish in the photos. They will definitely make you want to jump on a boat, get out on the water, and get to work.

In addition to the photos, Tim McGraw shared the following message: “Summer is coming!!!! Can’t wait to get under the water!”

Fans React to Summer Fishing Photos Tweeted by Tim McGraw

Based on the responses made to Tim McGraw’s tweet on Wednesday, he’s not the only person who’s ready for summer.

“Anxiously awaiting 85-90 degree weather! You should invite all your fans down to eat your catch of the day!! It’ll be a huge concert,” a fan shared.

Fans were also impressed with the catch McGraw showed off in his tweet.

“Holy crap are those hogfish? Don’t think I’ve ever seen them that big,” one fan said.

“That would have made an amazing album cover back when everything wasn’t digital for your new album ‘4 big fish and a tan,'” another shared.

McGraw Talks About Exercise Regimen

It’s clear from the photos Tim McGraw shared on Wednesday that he is in pretty great shape. Well, he reportedly has a very intense exercise regimen to thank for the great shape he is in at this point in his life.

Recently, the 53-year-old talked about his workout program with “Big Machine Label Group.” According to reports, he exercises for approximately an hour and a half when he isn’t touring. While on tour, he does that plus other exercises.

“Then we do 20 laps up and down the lawn carrying weight,” the singer said. “And then it’s a break, and then it’s two hours in the afternoon, so it’s a long time. But you know, touring, our shows a two-hour show that’s pretty high energy.”

The desire to work hard and stay in shape developed at an early age for Tim McGraw. And, he credits one of his coaches with helping develop that work ethic. Having such a work ethic and desire to stay in shape helps make life on the road better for the singer.

“And I learned from my coach early on, Coach Butler, he used to tell us all the time, practice has to be harder than work,” McGraw reportedly said. “You know, practice has to be harder than the game. So, I live by that philosophy when it’s touring. Like you work really hard all day long, and by the time you hit the show, then you’ve got two hours of doing a show, then it’s fun and easy.”