Tim McGraw Celebrates the Glory of ’90s Country With Classic Throwback Pic

by Thad Mitchell

One of the most popular and successful country music stars of all time, Tim McGraw is throwing it back to the 90s in a social media post.

Tim McGraw was arguably country music’s top artist through the 90s, churning out multiple hits in the decade. He would see his big break come in 1994 when the album “Not a Moment Too Soon” rose to prominence. “Not a Moment Too Soon” would end up being the top rated album of 1994 and McGraw became a sensation. Of course, that was far from his only success of the 90s.

In 1997, he would release “Everywhere,” another successful album that shot Tim McGraw even further into superstardom. The album featured hit songs like “Where the Green Grows” and the title track “Everywhere” among others. It also contained “It’s Your Love,” a duet he did with his wife, Faith Hill.

It is the “Everywhere” album that Tim McGraw is celebrating today with his latest social media post. With Spotify spotlighting 90s music, McGraw says he’s reminded of the “Everywhere” album and all that it meant to his career.

“In 1997, ‘Everywhere’ ended up becoming a huge milestone for me, and the 90s at large was an incredible time for Country music,” Tim McGraw says in his Instagram post. “Spotify is celebrating the 90s with a site that lets you discover your top six 90s Country albums at the link in my bio. Let me know if I make it in your mix!”

We have a feeling that Tim McGraw likely made several mixes when it comes to his 90’s hits. Along with the post, McGraw includes a throwback pic of himself. Check out that goatee — nothing says the 90s like a goatee.

Tim McGraw Fans Sound Off on 90s Hits

The comments section of the post saw numerous fans list their favorite Tim McGraw songs from the decade.

“Just to see you smile is one of my most favorites,” a fan writes. “Such a beautiful song.”

“‘Everywhere’ is the first album that I ever owned,” another social media user says. “It is still one of my favorites.”

While country music will always be his first love, Tim McGraw made huge television news earlier this year. He and his wife, Faith Hill will star in Taylor Sheridan’s latest project “1883,” which is due out at the end of this year.

“1883” is a prequel to the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” and will tell the story of the Dutton family, Tim McGraw will James Dutton and Hill will take on the role of Margaret Dutton. The spinoff series will show how the Duttons ended up in Montana and founded one of the largest cattle ranches in the country.