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Tim McGraw Celebrates ‘Earth Day’ Posting Moving Video, Urges Fans to ‘Do Your Part’

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Kevin Mazur/ Getty Images)

Happy Earth Day! In celebration of this lovely planet we live on, Tim McGraw asks fans to simply “do your part” to save the Earth. 

That’s right. Today is a big day. Today we celebrate this beautiful place we get to call home. Call me the Lorax today because we speak for the trees. They don’t call us Outsider for anything.

Tim McGraw is our trusty sidekick when it comes to planet restoration. In an Instagram post from today, the 53-year-old country artist asks his nearly three million followers to say no to single-use plastics that are killing the Earth.

This morning, Tim McGraw shares a beautiful video full of lush greenery, mountains, and sparkling blue oceans. However, the clip also portrays the ugly side of nature, the side destroyed by humanity and its laziness. Oceans filled with trash. Shorelines with beaches of plastic. Ocean creatures that are struggling to find an open patch of water. 

Tim McGraw is 4 the Oceans

Tim McGraw gives a shout-out to 4Ocean, a company with a mission to clean our oceans by collecting trash and properly disposing of it. 

“If trees are the lungs of our planet, then water is its blood,” says the video McGraw posted. “And the oceans? The blue heart that pumps life into us all. Everything on Earth that sustains us, from the air we breathe to the water we drink, can be linked back to the ocean. And while we may have heard this message before, we have failed to listen. 

“Our actions have disrupted an intricate and delicate balancing act that’s evolved over millennia. We have ignored the warning signs that show us our culture of convenience is unsustainable. But it’s not too late to change. The Ocean is miraculous. It has the remarkable ability to regenerate itself if we let it. Today marks the 51st anniversary of Earth Day. We are calling on every world citizen to rise up, meet the moment, and demand action that will protect and restore the blue heart of our planet. Join us at 4Ocean.com.”

Tim McGraw captions the video what the “theme of Earth Day this year”. If you can guess from the clip, it’s all about saying no to single-use plastics. 

“Restore our Earth” is the theme for Earth Day this year, and refusing single-use plastic is a great way to combat the ocean plastic crisis and help restore our Earth. Do your part and say no to single-use plastic today for #EarthDay and every day. @4ocean #EarthDay2021#SaveOurSeas.”

Everyone get outside and do your part, no matter how small! From picking up a piece of trash to planting a tree, everything helps mother Earth.