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Tim McGraw Gets ‘Choked Up’ Talking About His Mother’s Sacrifices

by Jacklyn Krol
Noel Vasquez, Getty Images)

Tim McGraw spoke about just how much his mother means to him.

McGraw spoke to Big Machine Label Group about his mother to honor her during Women’s History Month. The country hitmaker explained that his mother was pregnant with him while she was a senior in high school. She didn’t get to graduate because she gave birth to him.

“Then she went through some terrible things early in my life,” he recalled. “So, I have a lot of memories of all those things and I know how resilient my mom is and how tough she is and how strong of a woman she is, and how well she raised us under the circumstances – me and my two sisters that all grew up together – how she dealt with all of that thing.”

One aspect that has been “plastered” in his mind is her working three jobs to make ends meet. He got choked up while reminiscing on his childhood and just how much his mother did for him and his siblings.

“I can remember walking through the kitchen one night, gettin’ up late,” he said. “I don’t know how old I was, 10, 11, 12 years old, something like that – and she had her head down on the table at like two in the morning, with bills everywhere and was crying.”

His mother didn’t see him and to this day doesn’t remember the moment.

“That’s something that really resonates with me and sticks out with me,” he concluded.

Tim McGraw and His Mom Move to Nashville

McGraw revealed that his mother had always wanted him to finish college. He attended one semester at Florida Community College at Jacksonville before he dropped out in 1989 to move to Nashville to pursue music.

Additionally, McGraw explained that he was in pre-law and planned to go to law school.

“I was a pretty good student, comin’ outta high school, and I knew how bad she wanted me to do that,” he said. McGraw had to literally get up the nerve to call home to let her know that he was going to quit college to become an artist.

Finally, the best part and happy ending? She wasn’t surprised by his move at all!

“When I told her, she just said, ‘I’m surprised you hadn’t done it already,’” he laughed. “And that was her way of just telling me, go do it. So, you know… she’s a big deal to me.”