Tim McGraw’s Daughter Gracie Captured Dancing on Security Cam Footage: ‘Flirting in the Back’

by Emily Morgan
(Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images)

Gracie McGraw is continuing to prove to fans that performing is in her blood. On Saturday, the eldest daughter of Tim McGraw posted a hilarious clip of herself showing off her moves while at work.

In the video, fans can see the 23-year-old rocking out for the camera wearing overalls and a mask. In the caption, she wrote, “Just me and the security cam flirting in the back.”

For Gracie McGraw, it’s obvious she loves performing any chance she gets. Her Instagram feed is full of clips of Gracie McGraw dancing and showing off her vocal chops she got from her country superstar parents.

Gracie McGraw Continues To Love Herself, Encourages Fans To Do The Same

In addition to performing for her fans via social media, Gracie McGraw is also known to be open about her thoughts on body positivity. She frequently encourages her followers to embrace their bodies and learn to love themselves.

On Friday, Gracie McGraw opened up about her journey to accepting her body when she posted snaps of herself in a bathtub. In her caption, she used the moment to be vulnerable about her decision to take the pics.

“I’m no artist by any means, but playing with makeup makes me feel like I belong in a museum!” she began. “I love this beautiful era of using the face as just a blank slate. Makeup was created to enhance what men wanted us to enhance, sex, but now it’s used by every kind of person to express themselves.”

Gracie McGraw also was genuine about feeling sad ahead of her monthly cycle.

“PMS vibes usually bring on sad thoughts about myself but I just recently received some lovely makeup palettes by my friend Juliana (@claropsyche) who creates these magical art pieces on her face, so I felt inspired to just go for it and start painting lines and wiggles until it looked like this!!”

For Gracie McGraw, her antidote to feeling better is a luxurious bubble bath.

She continued: “Then I treated myself to a bath and used the bubbles to cover my body to take a pic of my face but I decided FTHAT!!! My rolls are sexy!! So I took these pics to show myself that womxn are art. And we should never see ourselves as anything different.”