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Tim McGraw’s Daughter Gracie Poses in New Outfit in the Sun with Dog by Her Side

by Quentin Blount
(Photo by Martin Philbey/Getty Images for Danda Films)

One of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s daughters took to social media on Saturday to share a quick update with her fans and followers.

That’s right, Gracie McGraw showed off a new look while hanging out with her dog on Saturday. The McGraw daughters have really been coming into their own lately, and Gracie is a perfect example of that. She regularly showcases her unique style to fans as the three girls continue to get comfortable posting updates on social media.

And on Friday, that was precisely what Gracie did again. She posted a pic of her hanging out on a sunny day, leaning up against a railing with her dog. In the photo, Gracie McGraw can be seen wearing a navy blue dress and black boots, and a pair of shades on.

The oldest McGraw daughter even tells fans where they can find her outfit. She says that she bought her clothes from J-14, which stands for “Just For Teens.”

“Got my look from j-14!!” Gracie McGraw captions the post.

Gracie and the other Tim McGraw daughters continue to work on building their own following. For instance, Gracie has over 33,000 followers on Instagram. Her post on Saturday drew in more than 360 likes in just a couple of hours since being posted online.

In addition to giving out likes, fans also took to the comments section to hype up the young singer. Instagram user traceycatherine1 commented saying, “Cute outfit!! 😍.” Other fans shared that seem sentiment, writing things such as, “you look great,” “beautiful,” and “very cute.” One person even left a comment about Gracie’s dog saying, “Love your pooch 😍.”

More Photos From Oldest Daughter of Tim McGraw

The oldest daughter of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill has gifted her fans with multiple posts over the last few weeks, giving them a unique glimpse into the life of being a celebrity daughter. Gracie has posted multiple video clips of her showing off her singing ability as well.

However, more recently, the 23-year-old posted a new set of black-and-white pics. The photos once again perfectly capture Gracie’s unique style and sense of fashion. In the set of pictures, she shares a selfie of her reflection in front of a window, an up-close selfie of her smiling, and another photo of her posing in what looks like her backyard.

“It’s too hot today to wear pants and long sleeves but here I am, doing just that,” Gracie McGraw wrote alongside her photos.