Tim McGraw Discusses His Love For Free-Dive Spear Fishing

by Jon D. B.
(Photo credit: Noel Vasquez/Getty Images)

While on the “Bobby Bones Show” recently, country legend Tim McGraw dives deep into his love for free-dive spearfishing – and shares his biggest catch.

Consistently on country music charts, megastar Tim McGraw keeps busy on and off the music scene. When he’s not recording adorable videos with his wife – fellow megastar Faith Hill – or climbing back to the #1 spot on the radio – McGraw is 30 feet down in the ocean. That’s right – the man is a diver. Not just any diver, either. McGraw loves free-dive spearfishing.

Noting some of his enormous catches the star’s posted on Instagram, radio show host Bobby Bones takes an opportunity during a lengthy interview with McGraw to ask him about the huge fish. Which huge fish, you ask? Take a look at these enormous puppies:


Tim McGraw on his love of free-dive spear fishing

“Whenever you post photos of these big fish – are you catching those with rod and reel?” the host, Bobby Bones, asks.

“No, no!” McGraw answers excitedly. “That’s diving – [you] free dive with a pole spear,” he adds with a smile as he mimics the motion of shooting the spear. “You have to get like a foot from [the fish] to shoot ’em.

Bobby: “So you’re down in scuba gear?”

Tim: “No, not scuba – just a snorkel. You’ve got to hold your breath to get down there.”

Bobby: “You can hold your breath that long!? How do you manage this?”

Tim: “When you go across the top and you look and you start to learn to spot the good fish – the big ones. They’ll hide under rocks and stuff. And then you have to catch your breath – figure the current – how the current’s blowing. How do you wanna attack the fish? What’s your angle going to be? And then you – poof – take off down there and shoot it and bring it up.”

Bobby: “What if you miss?”

Tim: “You get back up and get some air, then try to shoot it again!”

Bobby: “What’s the biggest one you’ve ever caught?”

Tim: “Phew – let’s see – 35… 40 pounds?

For reference – that is a whopper of a fish. McGraw has shared quite a few on social media, too:


Tim: “Then the tax man shows up, too – and you gotta worry about him. ‘Cause he’s swimmin’ around you the whole time.”

Bobby: “…. who?”

Tim: “The sharks. Sharks, man.”

Watch the full interview for more from McGraw

Bobby Bones, understandably so, seems floored by McGraw’s sportsmanship. The country singer, though, is cool as a cucumber about it. Except when he’s grinning like a schoolboy, that is. Throughout the entire interview, McGraw is positively beaming with the love he has for the sport – and of course – wife Faith Hill.

For much more from Tim McGraw, be sure to listen to the full Bobby Bones interview on YouTube above.

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