Tim McGraw Does Friday Night Right With George Strait and a Fire

by Jonathan Howard

When you want to have a nice Friday night, be like Tim McGraw. Put some logs on the fire, and spin some George Strait tunes. You won’t regret it, that’s for sure. The 1883 star posted a little update on his Twitter last night just before midnight eastern time. It looks like he had a relaxing night to just sit and be at home.

The Live Like You Were Dying singer likes to keep things lowkey. He isn’t one to make a big deal out of things. So, it makes sense that he would take some time to slow down and take in the little things in life. A warm fire. Some good music. A little peace and quiet. Now, that’s a Friday night I could get used to.

Check out the post below and see it for yourself. “A Friday evening at the McGraw household,” as the man himself put it.

If you listen closely you can hear the end of The Cowboy Rides Away fade out as the fire dances and pops. Of course, Tim McGraw is going to pay homage to a legend like George Strait. It wasn’t long ago when Strait was the veteran in country music and McGraw was a fresh-faced newcomer. After all, Strait Country came out 12 years before Tim McGraw. However, since those early years, Strait is now one of the definitive GOATs of country music and McGraw is that experienced veteran for many younger artists.

That wasn’t the only thing that McGraw was doing on his Friday night though. While 1883 has come and gone, those skills are still ingrained with the country singer. He took the time to show off his cowboy skills and prove that he’s still got it.

Tim McGraw Listens to Some George Strait and Practices Roping

While it looks like Tim McGraw finished his night with a little George Strait and some downtime, he was up to some other things earlier in the day. Just to show that he can still do it, and probably because he misses working on 1883 so much, the singer-actor showed off his roping skills. Just to prove that he still has it in him.

You know, after going through cowboy camp with the cast and Taylor Sheridan, McGraw might have caught the bug. The cowboy bug that is. He couldn’t help but post a video of himself roping his mock steer. He even has it all set up in what looks like his garage. Check out that video here.

So, we all know what McGraw does on his Friday nights. And, I’m sure that Faith Hill is right there the whole time. It seems like McGraw isn’t going to be able to shake those cowboy activities any time soon. He’s forever going to have a little bit of James Dutton in him.