Tim McGraw Drops ‘Here On Earth’ Album Release Date, Promises ‘More’ Songs

by Clayton Edwards

Even if you have to stock up on allergy medicine (shout out to my fellow Southerners) you’ve got to love springtime. Everything is in bloom. The earth is starting to thaw and wildlife is on the move. Soon, we’re going to see baby animals entering the world. It’s a beautiful time of year. This year, springtime is especially beautiful. The world has been figuratively frozen for over a year. However, now, things are starting to thaw. Live music is slowly coming back. At the same time, some truly amazing artists are releasing new music as a soundtrack to the world waking up. Among those musicians is Tim McGraw.

Tim McGraw dropped Here on Earth back in August. At the time, the world was in a deep freeze, and artists had more than enough time to create. So, McGraw did just that. His fans loved the album and its lead single, “I Called Mama,” made it all the way to the top ten.

Here on Earth contained sixteen brand-new Tim McGraw songs. If you got a hard copy at Target, there were two bonus tracks. However, in a recent tweet, McGraw let his fans know that they didn’t get everything he had planned for the album. They’re about to, though.

In the tweet, Tim McGraw said that when they started dreaming up Here on Earth, they had over twenty songs planned. However, all the songs didn’t make the final cut. But now, he’s ready to give his fans the rest of the collection.

This is What Tim McGraw Has Been Teasing

Tim McGraw has been teasing new music for quite some time now. Back in February, he shared an enigmatic tweet hinting that new music was on the way. Now, months later, we finally see what he was talking about.

In this latest tweet, Tim McGraw announced that the Ultimate Edition of Here on Earth is coming soon. In fact, it will hit shelves next Friday, April 16th. The new version of the album will include 24 tracks. That’s eight more than the original release.

Among those new tracks is the Tim McGraw and Tyler Hubbard collaboration “Undivided.” It will also contain the two tracks that were previously only featured on the Target edition of the album, “Cuttin’ Onions.” and “Truth Is.”

The other tracks on the Ultimate Edition of Here on Earth are

  • Thought About You
  • Neon Church
  • God Moves the Pen
  • Keep Your Eyes on Me (feat. Faith Hill) -from the movie The Shack
  • Gravity0 – from the movie Free Solo

If you want to secure your copy ahead of time, pre-orders are available on Tim McGraw’s website.