Tim McGraw Drops New Single About His Truck ‘7500 OBO’ Shortly After Announcing ‘Yellowstone’ Spinoff Casting

by Clayton Edwards

August has been a great month for Tim McGraw. On August 4th, we learned that he, Faith Hill, and Sam Elliott will join the cast of the upcoming Yellowstone prequel series. However, two days before that, McGraw dropped the latest single from this 2020 album Here on Earth. This single, “7500 OBO,” combines two tenants of modern country music – heartache and trucks.

Tim McGraw sings about an “’06, stick shift, dark blue F-150,” that he wants out of his driveway. Throughout the verse, the future 1883 star lays out the reasons why he can’t stand to drive the truck any longer. It all boils down to the fact that the truck holds too many memories. All he can think about when he turns the key is his ex in the passenger seat. Check it out below.

Tim McGraw originally released “7500 OBO,” in 2020 as part of Here on Earth. That album dropped on August 21st. However, a week before the album hit shelves, he dropped the video for his current single. In the last year, the video has received almost 200,000 views.

The video itself shows that someone in Tim McGraw’s camp has a love for local vintage ads. A good portion of the video looks like a commercial for a small used car lot that someone taped on a VHS. Honestly, it’s a great look for the video as a whole. When the video isn’t showcasing the vintage commercial vibes, it is focused on the “pretty little thing,” in the passenger seat.

However, the video isn’t the only thing that feels like a throwback. In fact, just about everything in the song feels like a blast from the past.

Tim McGraw’s Newest Single Feels Older Than It Is

Tim McGraw is taking us all the way back to the early 2000s with “7500 OBO.” It sounds like it would have been a hit back then. Sonically, it’s an interesting blend of a drum machine, R&B guitars, and pedal steel. Additionally, parts of the song feature an echo effect on McGraw’s vocals. Overall, it’s the kind of song you could put on while driving a used F-150 down a backroad on a nice day.

Jennifer Schott, Matt McGinn, and Nathan Spicer co-penned the song. However it feels like the trio wrote the song specifically for Tim McGraw. This is because there are two references to his music in the opening lines of the chorus.

“Shotgun ridin’ down a two-lane road / Just drivin’ around with no place to go / Us singin’ along to ‘Where the Green Grass Grows’…”

Tim McGraw announced earlier today that a new video for “7500 OBO,” is coming this Friday. His youngest daughter Audrey will star in that video.