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Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Chose to Make Family a Priority, How They Navigated Fame and Family

by Jim Casey
(Photo by R. Diamond/WireImage via Getty)

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill decided to put their family first while navigating their growing fame in the 1990s.

When Tim and Faith tied the knot in October 1996, both were bona fide country stars. But neither had ascended to the heights of country music superstardom they now enjoy.

By 1996, Tim had dropped two No. 1 albums, 1994’s Not a Moment Too Soon and 1995’s All I Want. He had also topped the singles chart with “Don’t Take the Girl,” “Not a Moment Too Soon,” and “I Like It, I Love It.”

Meanwhile, Faith had released her debut album, Take Me as I Am, in 1993, and her sophomore set, It Matters to Me, in 1995. Faith also found success on the charts with No. 1 hits “Wild One,” “Piece of My Heart,” and “It Matters to Me.”

As both of their careers began to skyrocket, the couple wed in 1996 and welcomed three daughters soon after: Gracie (1997), Maggie (1998), and Audrey (2001).

Tim and Faith Put Family First

In a February 2021 interview with Leo Edit, Tim chatted with his former Friday Night Lights co-star Garrett Hedlund about fatherhood. Garrett, now 36 years old, played Tim’s son in the 2004 film. Since that time, Tim and Garrett have remained friends and collaborated on a handful of projects, including 2010’s Country Strong.

As Tim told new-father Garrett during the conversational-style interview, he and Faith made a conscious decision to put their family first.

“When we first got married, we had a long talk about both of us doing this for a living—how are we going to navigate this?” said Tim McGraw. “And we decided that we were going to put our family and our kids first. We were going to teach them that working hard and being professional and being on point and showing up, and doing what you needed to do to support the people around you, and being present with everybody you need to be present with, while being present with them at the same time is doable. Teaching them to have a great work ethic but being human at the same time, and teaching them how to be a parent at the same time.”

From Stars to Parents

When his daughters were young, they often traveled with Tim and Faith on tour. However, once Gracie, Maggie, and Audrey started school, Tim and Faith became “Mr. and Mrs. McGraw.

“Their friends called us Mr. and Mrs. McGraw,” said Tim. “They all knew us as Gracie’s dad, or Audrey’s dad, or Maggie’s dad. They sort of all grew up in the same community with the same friends. All their parents knew us. We were at PTA meetings. We were at football games, and we were at basketball games. I coached softball. I coached basketball. We were part of their life, their community growing up. We made a real effort for them to not just to be part of our lives, but for us to be part of their lives.”

‘It’s Your Love’

As the 1990s came to an end, both Tim and Faith’s careers had exploded to that superstar level. Tim was dominating the charts with “Where the Green Grass Grows,” “Something Like That,” “My Best Friends,” and more. Faith dropped her signature album, Breathe, in 1999, which has been certified as 8X Platinum by the RIAA for sales of more than 8 million units. Of course, Faith and Tim famously joined vocal forces for the 1997 No. 1 hit, “It’s Your Love.”

“We were fortunate enough that when we got married we both had successful careers, so when we had kids we were in a good position that we could dictate when we would work,” added Tim. “But you have to make that decision as well, and we made that decision early on.”