Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Daughter Audrey Looks Just Like Her Mother in Stunning Polaroid Pic

by Charles Craighill

While Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s youngest daughter Audrey has started to grow into her own person, she still shows a striking resemblance to her mother. In a brand new polaroid picture she posted to Instagram today, the resemblance couldn’t be more uncanny.

“We love a good polaroid,” Audrey says in the Instagram post. Tim McGraw’s nineteen-year-old daughter shared her picture with her 21 thousand followers on Instagram.

“Gorgeous,” “beautiful,” and “stunning” were the most popular words to pop up in the comment section. If you replaced Audrey’s brunette hair with Faith Hill’s blonde locks, you would not be able to tell the two apart.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Kids Blaze their Own Paths

As the three daughters of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill grow up, they have stuck out on paths of their own. Gracie, Maggie, and Audrey all share a slice of their parents’ vocal talents but have found their own talents also. While some of them have made some headway on their own careers, we still haven’t seen all that they’re capable of.

For instance, Gracie has proven she has an eye for style. She also has the voice and heart for theatre and has moved out to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams. Recently, she dazzled her fans in a checkered romper, further showing off her passion for fashion.

Maggie has also shown signs of following in Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s footsteps, but she has other irons in the fire, too. Between free diving, graduating from Stanford studying marine biology, and modeling, Maggie has plenty more to get excited about. While she used to sing for a band, only time will tell if she follows her parents’ or strikes a career of her own.

Audrey, however, has yet to find a specific direction. At 19-years-old, however, she still has plenty of time to figure that out. With that said, she has dipped her toes in modeling, like her sister Maggie. She recently landed her first big gig modeling for a designer fashion label called Tory Burch.

“Anybody who has more than one kid knows they’re so different. They’re so individual. But they’re all really close, and all really supportive of each other,” Tim McGraw told Country Countdown USA. “They miss each other when they’re not around, but they also want their sisters to experience life.”