Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Daughters Captured in Rare Pic Together at Maggie’s Birthday Celebration

by Samantha Whidden

While enjoying some much-needed family time on Friday (August 13th), Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s daughters took several snapshots of them having a blast during a birthday celebration for the couple’s second daughter, Maggie. 

“Bestie vibes only!!! Older single sis vibes only!!!! Animatronic Tim Allen Santa Claus vibes only!!!!!” Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s oldest daughter Gracie proclaims in the post. The snapshots featured some hilarious poses by the girls.

Along with Gracie’s hilarious Instagram post, Tim McGraw’s wife Faith Hill also wished Maggie a special happy birthday on the social media platform with a sweet video. “Simply couldn’t imagine celebrating our daughter Maggie’s 23rd birthday today without posting a song from her favorite musical of all time, Hamilton. Oh, I have many videos I could share, but this one shows her great sense of humor best.”

Hill went on to say that she and Tim McGraw are proud of Maggie and love her so much. She also included a disclaimer that no angels were harmed in the making of the adorable video.

Tim McGraw Recalled How He Met Faith Hill & What Fatherhood Means to Him 

While sharing details about his 2020 album Here on Earth, Tim McGraw recalled while speaking with Today how he first met his wife, Faith Hill. “Well, I certainly remember that moment when I met my life. That’s for sure,” He explained. The country superstar also said he thinks that for everyone, things happen where they realize what you’re doing. Along with why they’re doing it and what they’re here for.

The “It’s Your Love” singer also shared that when he spends time working with Hill, especially when he tours with her, his records get better. “When it comes to singing with Faith, it’s like a NASCAR trying to keep up with an Indy car.”

Tim McGraw does admit that Hill calls him out if he’s not up to par with his stage performance. “I get that look from her sometimes during the middle of a show with her. You know, ‘You’re faltering a bit, son.’ The point is, she makes me better.”

The country superstar also discussed what he thinks fatherhood feels like.

“The fathers out there can appreciate the first time that you hold your child is certainly the moment that you realize that anything else that you do has meant nothing until this moment,” he shared. 

Tim McGraw does know that fatherhood can be tough, especially when he wants his daughters to go out and conquer the world. “But you don’t want them to leave your protection. And you certainly don’t want them to feel like they don’t need you anymore,” he goes on to add.