Tim McGraw & Faith Hill’s Daughter Gracie Jokes She’ll Cry a ‘Waterfall’ If She Has Kids One Day

by Quentin Blount

A daughter of country music superstars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill took to social media on Monday with a very relatable post.

Gracie McGraw is the oldest of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s three daughters. And the young singer is no stranger to engaging with her fans on social media. She regularly takes to her official Instagram account to show off her unique style.

But in addition to giving her followers a glimpse of what life is like as the daughter of two country music stars, Gracie also posts down-to-earth pictures that everyday people can relate to. For example, she often shares photos of her dog named Baz.

On Monday, the eldest of Tim McGraw’s daughters posted another adorable photo of her pooch. This time it was on her Instagram story. She says that she winds up in tears every time she takes a cute photo of him.

“STOP!!!!!! How am I gonna have a kid one day if I cry every time he’s cute?” Gracie McGraw wrote on her Instagram story. “I will just be a waterfall all the time.”

To view Gracie’s current story and anything she posts in the future, you can follow her here. Living in Los Angeles, the 23-year-old often uses her Instagram to post updates with her pup.

Daughter of Tim McGraw Snaps Adorable Selfie with Dog Baz

Just a couple of weeks ago, the oldest daughter of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill posted an adorable selfie with her puppy, Baz. Gracie McGraw was hanging out, cuddled up next to her good boy. And while she is smiling in the background, it looks like Baz was not so impressed with having the camera in his face.

“POS ‘PARENT OVER SHOULDER,’ Gracie McGraw wrote alongside the selfie with her dog.

As you can see in the photo, Baz is an adorable white poodle with brown spots scattered here and there in his fur. He is two years old now and if you want to see more of him, you can always scroll back through some of Gracie’s posts. Nearly half of them will have Baz in the background or as the center of attention. The love she has for her dog is easily seen through her Instagram posts and videos.

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