Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Daughter Gracie Rocks Bright Red Bucket Hat in New ‘QT’ Selfie

by Samantha Whidden

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s daughter Gracie McGraw shared with her Instagram followers on Wednesday (July 21st) a snapshot of her rocking a bright red buck hat.

“Not cute but QT,” Tim McGraw’s daughter pens in the post, which features her enjoying some much-needed downtime outside in the sunshine. 

The new selfie comes just a few weeks after Gracie opened up about her struggles with her recent depression episode. According to Tim McGraw’s daughter, the episode put her in a headspace she hasn’t been in for a long time. “[The episodes] have been pretty bad in the past so this was shocking. I honestly had never felt this [way].”

As a way to get out of the episode, Gracie over the situation by cleaning and reorganizing her entire bedroom. Tim McGraw’s oldest daughter admits that she cried afterward because she felt “weight” come off her shoulders and had a sense of relief. “Not relief that my room was clean, but relief that I could enjoy life again.”

Tim McGraw Talks Raising Daughters With Faith Hill 

In a March 2021 interview with Garrett Hedlund through the men’s lifestyle website Leo, Tim McGraw discusses what it was like to raise three daughters with his wife and fellow country singer Faith Hill. “Well, I am outnumbered,” McGraw jokes. He also proclaims that his house is full of estrogen. 

Tim McGraw explains that being outnumbered isn’t necessarily new to him. “You know, I’ve grown up with all sisters and my mom. I didn’t really have a dad around much, and when I did have one around, they weren’t the best role models.”

McGraw also says there’s nothing like three daughters and a wife who are headstrong, smart, and love unconditionally. “That can teach you how to be a man as much as that can. They can teach you how to be a man more than I can.”

Tim goes on to state that raising his girls is a blessing and has affected his “art” in a lot of ways as well. 

Tim Also Discusses Life as a Parent 

Also during his interview with Hedlund, Tim McGraw discusses his life as a parent. “You know all the faults that you think you have, and they’re sort of embedded in you.”

Tim McGraw then says that when a parent sees their kids, they start seeing in them some of the bad traits or faults that they think they also have. “You start not seeing all the loveliness they have, and start hyper-focusing on all the things you see that you have and that you don’t want them to have.”

In regards to keeping his daughters safe or helping them experience the real world, he adds that it’s so hard to let go. “It’s never easy and it’s never going to be easy.”