Tim McGraw & Faith Hill’s Daughter Gracie Strikes a Pose in New ‘How to Sit in a Chair’ Pic

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for TIME)

Gracie McGraw, daughter of country superstars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, is sharing quite a pose in her latest post on Instagram.

McGraw, who is living in Los Angeles these days, posted a picture of her sitting in a chair. It’s an interesting photo from her and you can check it out below.

It appears that Gracie McGraw is in a backyard space, possibly her own. She’s been sharing a lot of different photos of herself in the past few months on the social media platform.

McGraw relocated from Nashville to Los Angeles in the hopes of starting an acting career. When she gets a role, her Instagram followers probably will be among the first to know.

Obviously, she comes from a family where her mother and father have had incredible success in the music industry. Tim McGraw has taken a spin during his career in the acting world. Yet he remains focused on his music right now and just celebrated a birthday, too.

Gracie recently showed off a tattoo she got in honor of her parents, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. It’s a cowboy boot with “T” and “F” on it with the state flowers of Louisiana and Mississippi, her parents’ home states. Also, an Iris flower from Tennessee, Gracie’s home state, is in the tattoo, too.

Tim McGraw Does His Best To Be There For Gracie, Other Children

Speaking of Gracie McGraw and her parents, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill wanted to provide their three daughters with as normal a childhood as possible.

Tim McGraw, in an interview with Garret Hedlund for Leoedit, discussed parenting in his life.

“We tried our best to never be away from them,” McGraw said of his daughters Gracie, Audrey, and Maggie. “They were on the road with us; they flew with us. If we had to go to Europe, they went to Europe with us. Whenever we were working, they were with us most of the time.”

McGraw and Hill found it quite important to be present at different moments in their children’s lives. Those that were not of the celebrity world but more from a sense of normalcy.

“We were at PTA meetings, and we were at football games,” Tim McGraw said. “We were at basketball games. I coached softball. I coached basketball.

“We were part of their life, their community growing up,” McGraw said. “We (meaning himself and Hill) made a real effort for them to not just to be part of our lives, but for us to be part of their lives.”