Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Songs: Full List of Their Duets

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by PATRICK T. FALLON/AFP via Getty Images)

Aside from being husband and wife, 1883 co-stars, and country music icons, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are part of each other’s careers one way or another. Including creating and performing amazing songs together. 

The duo has released various duets throughout the years. Their first duet was “It’s Your Love,” which was released in May 1997. From there, Hill and McGraw have teamed up to create more than 10 duets together over the years.

All of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Duets

All told, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have recorded 11 duets together. While “It’s Your Love” is certainly one of the most notable, there are plenty of other classics on the list.

  • “It’s Your Love”
  • “Like We Never Loved At All”
  •  “I Need You”
  • “Let’s Make Love”
  • “Meanwhile Back at Mama’s”
  •  “Speak to a Girl”
  •  “Keep Your Eyes on Me”
  •  “Just to Hear You Say That You Love Me”
  •  “Angry All the Time”
  •  “The Rest of Your Life”
  • “Just to Hear You Say That You Love Me”

Tim McGraw Opens Up About “It’s Your Love” 

During an interview with American Songwriter, Tim McGraw spoke about working with Faith Hill for their first duet “It’s Your Love.”

“We were dating at the time,” Tim McGraw recalled. “And we were in the middle of a tour together. I remember I had a place out in Leiper’s Fork and the bus was sitting here. Missy [Gallimore] showed up with that song. And we went to the back of the bus to listen. I instantly knew I was going to cut it. I played it for Faith and told her I wanted her to sing on it. We both really felt like we had something.

When asked if he and Faith Hill will do more duets, Tim McGraw added, “We’ll do an album eventually but it’s tough to say when. She’s busy and she’s got her career. We look at it as three different careers. Her career, my career, and what we do together. We try to keep them separated.”

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Share Their Top Three Favorite Duet Songs 

In 2018, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill spoke to CMT about their top three favorite duet tracks together. McGraw revealed that 2005’s “Like We Never Loved At All” was one of his favorites. “I always love ‘Like We Never Loved At All’ just because of the drama of it. For me, it’s that big drama. And how we sort of act out parts. And create a little bit of theater.”

Tim McGraw also stated that his and Faith Hill’s “It’s Your Love” is also another favorite song of his. “‘It’s Your Love’ is something special. Because it was the first one.”

Faith Hill said when it comes to her favorite duet song with Tim McGraw, she’s all for 2001’s “Angry All the Time.” While speaking about the track, Hill went on to add, “I like ‘Angry All the Time.’ Love that song. So good.”