Tim McGraw and Faith Hill: What’s the Difference in the Country Power Couple’s Net Worth?

by Charles Craighill

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have lived at the top of the country music world for most of their twenty-five years of marriage. Together, they have become one of the biggest power couples in the industry. Due to their marriage, the celebrities’ net worth also joins together. For them, that joined net worth sits up around $165 million. But what is the makeup of that number? Who accounts for how much of it?

From what it looks like, the breakdown stays pretty even. Tim McGraw’s net worth alone sits around $85 million, so Faith Hill must account for the other $80 million. This includes all of the country music duo’s assets such as property, royalties, and everything else they have ownership of. Both have had extremely successful careers individually, so much of their net worth simply comes from their financial success.

For instance, Tim McGraw raked in a whopping $18 million last year in earnings. Faith Hill was not far behind bringing in $15 million of her own. Those numbers landed each of them in Forbes list of highest paid country music artists in 2019.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Properties

However, a good portion of that net worth comes from the several different properties that the couple owns. Let’s just say, the couple has plenty of options when it comes to where they want to vacation. For instance, McGraw and Hill own at least two houses in Nashville, a large historic farm in Tennessee, and a twenty-acre private island.

The pair of country music stars put their beloved private island on the market this year. The twenty acre island, which is a 80 minute flight from Miami, will hit the market at $35 million. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill aren’t the only celebrities with islands in the Bahamas. For instance, Johnny Depp bought his own 45-acre island in 2004.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s property in Tennessee dates back to 1800 and had over 750 acres when they bought it back in the early 2000s. Country music legend Hank Williams also lived in that house at some point. The historic Tennessee estate is also home to horse stables, ponds, multiple caretaker homes, and guest houses.  

They forked over $13.5 million in two transactions to close the deal. In 2015, they sold around 131 acres of the property for around $3 million, but have yet to sell the remaining 600 plus acres. They put it on the market in 2019 for $20 million, then dropped the price to $18 million, then finally taking it off the market altogether.