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Tim McGraw & Faith Hill’s Daughter Audrey: Times She Looked Just Like Her Mom in Photos

by Charles Craighill
Photo by Gotham/GC Images)

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s three daughters have all began to grow into themselves in these past few years. Gracie, Maggie, and Audrey have all taken steps toward their own careers and have shown their individuality. With that said, they all still display pieces of the parents within each of them. For instance, all of them can belt just like mom and dad, and all of them have that sense of musicality.

For Audrey, however, the resemblance is a little bit more than just her pipes. The youngest daughter of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill sometimes looks like a spitting image of her superstar mother in photos. Here are a few instances where Audrey McGraw could be a clone of her mother in her Instagram photos.

Audrey McGraw Stuns in a Swimsuit

A couple of years ago when Audrey first got into modeling, Audrey McGraw posted a picture of herself in an all-black swimsuit to her Instagram. While she was 17 at the time, Audrey still could have passed for a 30-year-old Faith Hill. She even showed a little bit of her father, Tim McGraw in the photo.

She captioned the photo simply with a peace emoji. Her bone structure really does come from an exact mix of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. However, we were not the only ones who noticed that she was a spitting image of her parents. All throughout the comment section, fans awed over her parents’ looks. However, no one could really come to an agreement on who she actually looked like…

One fan wrote “you take after your momma, beautiful,” while another wrote “you look like your dad so much here” right beneath it. Another fan split the difference, saying “you look like mom and dad” with a smiley face emoji. One somewhat confusing fan wrote “You look Italian, you don’t really look like either of your parents. I bet you resemble one of their parents or one of their siblings.”

Definitely Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Daughter

Recently, Audrey McGraw landed her first major modeling gig with a fashion designer called Tory Birch. She posted another picture to Instagram a couple of months ago from those shoots. This picture also has an uncanny resemblance to both Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, but mostly to her mother.

She credited her photographer, Morgan Maher, and Tory Burch in the caption of the photo. So much of her resemblance to her mother comes from her facial bone structure. With her very sharp angles and her very thin face, this picture really could be a picture of Faith Hill. But, she does have Tim McGraw’s dark hair after all.

Audrey McGraw and Faith Hill Might Be the Same Person

Just yesterday, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s third daughter posted a picture to Instagram that could have been a picture of Faith Hill twenty years ago. If it wasn’t for Tim McGraw’s black hair that Audrey inherited, the two would be impossible to distinguish between the country music star and her daughter. In this polaroid picture from yesterday, Audrey looks back over her shoulder at the camera, once again showing off her incredibly sharp bone structure and soft, subtle smile.

“We love a good Polaroid,” Audrey says in the caption, tagging her photographer Morgan Maher.

The vintage feel of the polaroid picture adds to the mystical resemblance between Faith Hill and her daughter. While Audrey grows more and more into herself every single day, she also continues to look exactly like her mother. Her personality and her aspirations may differ, but the Tim McGraw and Faith Hill within Audrey McGraw will never disappear.