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Tim McGraw, Faith Hill’s Daughter Is a Dead Ringer For Her Mom in New ‘FaceTime’ Pic

by Kayla Zadel
(Photo by Bruce Glikas/WireImage via Getty Images)

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s daughter is all grown up and her looks resemble that of her stunning mother. Audrey, the country music couple’s youngest daughter, recently shared a photo on social media that looks just like her mother.

This photo was captured during a FaceTime session. “How we FaceTime 😉 @morgan.maher,” Audrey writes for a caption.

It appears as if the person she’s FaceTiming with captured the photo of McGraw and Hill’s daughter on their end. She’s wearing a slip dress that shows off her small figure.

Audrey has been spending time with her parents during the pandemic. Tim McGraw shared last year what it’s been like having his third daughter at home.

“Everything shut down in March, and she’s been stuck with us since March. We’ve done maybe three; four trips cross country,” he says. “She’s spent three trips with us, about 16-hour a day drives, listening to my music and listening to dad jokes. She’s really over us.”

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s eldest daughter, Gracie, 23, is living in Los Angeles and is an aspiring actor. Maggie, 22, is working on her master’s degree at Stanford University. Audrey is 19 and graduated high school in 2020.

Tim McGraw Talks About His Daughters

McGraw is a proud papa bear and has touted his three daughters in the past, calling them “strong, independent” who “don’t take any s— from anybody.” “They’re good friends to their friends and they’re good daughters to their parents,” McGraw continues. “I just thank God every day that they have their mom as a role model.”

“We’re so proud of our daughters because the world that they grew up in, it can easily make the kids turn out differently,” McGraw says in another interview. “And our girls are so grounded, they’re so humble. They have such big hearts, and they work hard at the things that they want to accomplish — and we’re really proud of them. We couldn’t ask for better kids. They’re smarter than us in so many ways.”

The “Humble and Kind” singer also explains that the pandemic has played its role in his daughters’ lives by making their future uncertain, especially Audrey.

“It’s tough,” McGraw said. “You want them to go out and conquer the world and have fun and do all the things that kids do. But you don’t want them to leave your protection, and you certainly don’t want to feel like they don’t need you anymore. In these times, it’s a little different,” Tim McGraw continues. “Not knowing what’s going to happen with college with our youngest daughter, for her, it’s not been so good. But for us, it’s been sort of a blessing because you never see them that much.”