Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Daughter Gracie Has ‘BBQ Stained Teeth’ in Hilarious New Post

by Madison Miller

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s daughter, Gracie McGraw, is sharing the nice BBQ meal she had with her followers on social media.

Gracie posted a series of photos of food she had at Chifa LA, which is a family restaurant in Los Angeles, California.

She wrote, “Had the best meal of my life at @chifa_la tonight. Thank you @humberto for your new friendship and incredible mind. Also finally got to try @eatnunchi almond corn jelly. Y’all gotta come here … me and my bbq stained teeth.”

Perhaps the most interesting part of her meal is the purple corn on the cob. There is then a red sauce that is slowly poured over the corn. It proceeds to get into every crack and portion of the corn.

The restaurant calls that dish the “Nunchi Jelly Corn.” It is an almond jelly with chicha Morada syrup and corn bits.

Tim McGraw’s daughter also posted a video at the end of her post of her eating a wing with some sauce around her mouth. She gives the camera a small acknowledging smile as she says, “It’s good.”

Chifa is a type of cuisine that is a fusion of both Peruvian and Chinese ingredients. It is common in Peru. The style of meal provides large dishes that people or families are meant to share around a table.

Some common Chinese food ingredients can include wontons, fried rice, sweet and sour sauce, soy sauce, and different vegetables. There are currently over 6,000 chifa restaurants in Lima.

Meanwhile, Tim McGraw last posted on social media to share a clip of “Beyond the Influence,” which is a radio show he’s doing for Apple Music.

Gracie McGraw and Tim McGraw

A couple of days ago, Gracie also posted a photo of her after getting the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. She wrote, “Fully vaxxxed and ready to ROCK (while also still respecting my fellow humans by continuing to wear my mask and be a good person).”

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have three kids together. Gracie is the oldest and is currently 23 and pursuing acting in L.A. The middle child is Maggie, who is at Stanford University to pursue her master’s degree. Audrey is 19 and just graduated from high school with the class of 2020. She is going to pursue filmmaking.

The family all got some talent from their two superstar parents. In fact, the girls have joined their parents on stage with them in the past.

Gracie McGraw is also featured in Tim McGraw’s song, “Here Tonight” from 2015. She has nearly 40,000 followers on Instagram where she frequently shares snippets of her life in L.A.