Tim McGraw, Faith Hill’s Daughter Gracie Points Out Hypocrisy of ‘Skinny Influencer’ Posts

by Keeli Parkey

One of the daughters of county music superstars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill is speaking her mind on social media. And, she’s sharing an important message about body positivity.

That daughter is Gracie McGraw, the oldest of the couple’s three daughters. On Tuesday (March 23), she shared a photo of herself in a red bra top. Not only did she praise the company that made that piece of clothing, she also took on the skinny influencer culture.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s oldest daughter started Tuesday’s Instagram post with this message: “Finally found a bra that feels good. It’s so hard finding one that fits bigger boobs and CUUP does such a great job of being inclusive for bigger sizing. Thank you ❤️.”

Gracie McGraw then expressed annoyance with the popular social media platform. According to Gracie, the photo was initially flagged. She obviously doesn’t think that is fair.

“Also I’m having to post this again because some little bi*!ch was afraid of a womxns (sic) body and flagged me for trying to ‘sell sex’ HA bye!!!!,” Gracie also posted.

Then, Gracie McGraw takes a stand on body positivity in her Instagram post. She argues that the social media platform has allowed similar photos of others to be posted without getting flagged. But, her post was flagged.

Here’s what she said on this topic: “What about all these skinny influencer Instagram models posting half nude pics? So unrealistic bodies are approved but real ones aren’t? Cool.”

You can check out Gracie McGraw’s Instagram photo and caption below.

Fans React to Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Daughter’s Instagram Post

Fans of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s oldest daughter shared their support of her and her post via Instagram on Tuesday.

“You look BEAUTIFUL and also looooooving this color,” one fan shared.

Other fans of Tim McGraw’s daughter simply posted: “Beautiful.”

“You the realest,” another shared.

“I love it when others support and embrace each other. You are amazing,” one fan also posted.

According to CountryFanCast.com, Gracie McGraw is 23 years old. She reportedly lives in Los Angeles and is working toward a career in acting. During 2015, Gracie appeared on stage with her famous father to sing the song “Here Tonight” with him. That performance took place in Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena. According to the report, Gracie was familiar with singing live. She had been part of a band while she was during high school and college.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill also have two other daughters, according to the website. There is Maggie, who is 22 years old, and Audrey, who is 19 years old. Maggie is currently working toward her master’s degree at Stanford University. She has also been a member of a rock band. Audrey completed high school in 2020 and is reportedly interested in becoming a filmmaker.