Tim McGraw, Faith Hill’s Daughter Gracie Shares Photo Looking ‘Like a Winner’ in New Glasses

by Quentin Blount

One of the daughters of country music stars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill took to social media on Saturday to post a relatable photo in her new glasses.

Gracie McGraw is the oldest of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s three girls. And she is certainly no stranger to posting on social media. In fact, she often takes to her official Instagram page to spread messages of body positivity to her fans and followers. She also engages with her fans by showing them glimpses of what it’s like to grow up as the daughter of two country superstars.

And on Saturday, Gracie did that yet again by posting a new photo with her new glasses. In the cute snap, the oldest McGraw daughter is rocking her new glasses along with a Starsky and Hutch graphic T-shirt and plaid bottoms.

“Crying on the inside like a winner while also being glad to have new glasses so I can see again,” Gracie McGraw captions her post.

And her fans were loving Gracie’s latest post as well. One of those fans complimented the young star’s T-shirt saying, “❤️ Nice glasses and I always watched Starsky and Hutch !!! ❤️”

Another follower commented calling, the eldest McGraw daughter a “queen.” “Because you are the queen!! And can I just say…….absolutely brilliant photo. Art.”

And finally, one fan left a message saying that Gracie looks just like her mother, Faith Hill. “U look like your momma!!! Beautiful.”

Oldest Daughter of Tim McGraw Turning 24 in May

We all know that Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are one of the highest-profile couples in all of country music. After all, they are called the king and queen of country music for a reason. The two share daughters, Gracie, 23, Maggie, 22, and Audrey, 19.

However, the couple’s first born will be celebrating a birthday in just over a month. And although it might sound crazy that Gracie McGraw will be turning 24-years-old in May, that’s where things stand. All of us as country music fans are starting to feel old.

We are patiently awaiting another heartfelt birthday message from Tim McGraw to his oldest daughter. Last year, both he and Faith Hill left touching messages for their daughter on her birthday. Tim McGraw posted the following message to his official Instagram page.

“Happy 23rd birthday Gracie!
Our oldest is 23…
The sweetest, kindest heart in the world….
So beautiful inside and out
She’s always there for her friends
Always there for her family….
And always there with a big smile and a boisterous laugh
We love her so much”

Meanwhile, Faith Hill created a post full of adorable photos of Gracie from her childhood. If you would like to take a trip back down memory lane, click here.

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