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Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Daughter Gracie Shows Off Killer Dance Moves in New Video

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for TIME

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s daughter Gracie shows off both her impeccable rhythm and killer dance moves in her latest Instagram post.

In recent months, the daughter of the country singers has used Instagram as a place to show off her dance moves. And McGraw’s most recent post was no different as well. Wearing sweat pants and a jacket, McGraw moved to the music. She hopped around the room, also showing off a couple of kicks as well. She accomplished all of this while holding a mug of water and not spilling a drop.

On Instagram, she wrote, “It’s Tuesday b—h!!!!!! Drink some water and dance!!! I just woke up.”

Tim McGraw’s Daughter Preaches Body Positivity

That’s not the only time Gracie McGraw has shown off her dance skills. She also showed some of her moves on a security camera as well. For McGraw, dancing has become a way to embrace her body and spread body positivity. It’s a platform she has become passionate about in recent months. And she also used her Instagram to share.

“I decided to dance it out, take some pics, and embrace my floppy body. And you know what, it feels good,” McGraw wrote in one post. “It feels good to remind yourself that you are allowed to have good days and bad days. AND that you are allowed to turn those bad moments into good moments. That’s my Ted talk for the day!! Enjoy my cellulite because I am!!”

In another post, Gracie shared pictures of herself seminude in the bath. She posted the images to promote body positivity for women everywhere. She said she’s not ashamed of her body or its “rolls.” She encouraged her followers not to be ashamed either. In the post, McGraw also used makeup to create various colorful designs on her face.

“I’m no artist by any means, but playing with makeup makes me feel like I belong in a museum!” she wrote. “I love this beautiful era of using the face as just a blank slate. Makeup was created to enhance what men wanted us to enhance, sex, but now it’s used by every kind of person to express themselves.”

Gracie McGraw is the oldest daughter of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. She briefly flirted with following her parents into music. But these days, she has a strong presence on social media.