Tim McGraw, Gracie McGraw Teamed Up for ‘Here Tonight’ on His 2015 Album: Story Behind the Duet

by Joe Rutland

Besides being a country music superstar, Tim McGraw is one proud father to his children. He was able to use Gracie McGraw on a 2015 album.

McGraw reached out to his eldest daughter, Gracie, and had her voice join up with his on “Here Tonight.” That song is the first cut on his album, “Damn Country Music.”

“I was just making the record,” he said in an interview with The Boot. “I didn’t certainly plan on having her sing on it or anything. I was doing this song and, as I was doing the vocal on it, I thought, ‘Man, I bet Gracie’s vocal would sound really cool on this.'”

Tim McGraw Says Gracie McGraw Has Powerful Energy About Her

McGraw said his daughter has such a powerful energy within her.

“If you’re in a room and Gracie walks in, you know she’s there before you ever turn around,” he said. “She just has this energy about her when she walks into a place. And when she sings, it’s the same way. Every time I’d go home at night after being in the studio, I’d just hear her voice on this record.”

So, father and daughter combined their voices on this incredible song. “Damn Country Music” peaked at No. 3 on Billboard’s Hot Country Albums chart in 2015. It reached No. 5 on Billboard’s Hot 100 Album chart.

Let’s take a look at McGraw talking a little more about this song, as well as singing with Gracie.

McGraws Team Up For Another Duet In The Car

While that 2015 duet is memorable for many reasons, another more recent duet with Tim and Gracie McGraw was a bit different.

In 2019, Gracie was heading off to Los Angeles and branch out on her own. She wanted to become an actor, so Gracie wanted to move where the work was for actors in the entertinament industry.

It appears that ol’ Dad helped Gracie McGraw get out to California by driving from Nashville. This was truly a breakout moment in her life since all she’d known is Nashville with family and friends.

While in the car, Tim and Gracie find themselves singing along with Barbara Streisand and Barry Gibb on the song “What Kind of Fool.” Their video and journey happened to be chronicled by USA Today.

One thing remains quite true. Tim McGraw loves his kids, especially Gracie McGraw.